How to arrange shelves on a wall

Shelves are the most convenient space to store your household items like showpieces, small flower vase, books and photos. Maybe you have a mounting shelf in your house, but most of the vertical wall of a house are exist empty that looks dull. Adding some small floating shelves on the wall could increase the appearance of your lifeless wall. Wherever the kitchen, living or bedroom, a shelve can make your life easier and enjoyable. Now the first question that might come into your mind that how to arrange shelves on a wall?

This guide has covered some easiest ways to placement of shelves on the wall. You must know how to arrange floating shelves in almost every room of your home. So, let’s dive into this article to find out how to decorate a wall shelf.

Arranging shelves on a wall refers to decorate the vertical wall with some handy space to store small items and decorative things. It is closely related to the DIY project for home décor.”

9 unique ideas to arrange shelves on a wall can make you wonder

1. For living room

Over the TV: From kids to the elderly, all family members are naturally used to watching TV whenever they get leisure time. We know that reading a book is far better than watching TV, yet we don’t read books. Adding a floating shelf over the TV could be the best tricky solution for this problem. In this case, some color-coded books can grab attention away from the TV.

On the empty walls: It is another shelf arranging ideas for the living room. Our living room wall is often empty, so it seems slightly dull and non-eye-catching. Some small floating shelves & white ladder shelves can improve the beauty of the artwork in your living room. You can use some rustic and reclaimed wood to make these shelves. And if you put herbs and some flowers from your garden, it will look great.

2. For bathing and laundry room

For laundry room: The laundry room is such a place that many spaces are needed there because you may have to store several things in the laundry room. Good to know that having little storage space can decrease the work speed of the laundry room. So, you need to set up some shelves on a wall. Besides, you can put some herbs and an artificial flower to keep decorative the laundry room.

Bath hack: Have you faced a problem with your small bathroom as there have not enough space to store the essential things like bathing towels, bathing soap, shampoo, and other things? Then you can arrange some small size floating shelves on the wall.

3. For the kitchen

Dish display: It is often seen that there is a space between the two kitchen cabinets. Add one or two floating shelves between this space would be best for some additional space and increase kitchen luxury. You can display your most gorgeous kitchen appliance there—for example, decorative glasses, jars, and cups. Most importantly, these vertical wall shelves are removable so that you can remove them whenever need.

4. For the bedroom

Book Collection: It is one kind of narrower shelves that can exist in your bedroom. Due to the narrow shape, this shelf would be best to put thinners coffee table books. Not only for book displaying but also this little narrow shelf is best for displaying the favorite photos and miniatures.

5. For the reading room

Easy bookshelves: Are you bored with the traditional bookshelves design? How if you have some individual bookshelves for storing several sizes of books. These bookshelves can be arranged in the nearest place as a beautiful composition. As a result, you can easily access the shelf, and it also looks great. Most importantly, this type of shelves is suitable for the bedroom and living room too.

Library Style: Have you some open space in the corner of any room? Corner open space would be great to make some shelves on the wall library-style because the corner shelves are more space-saving than ladder shelves.

6. Kids’ Storage

Floating shelves would be an excellent choice for putting Kid’s storage. Generally, kids have a lot of things like toys, miniatures, and many more things. If they have some convenient shelves in their room, they can organize the necessary items properly.

7. Hallway Update

Most of the hallway is often exists with some dead space. You can use those places by adding some floating shelves. Indoor plants, welcome notice, and attractive graphical pictures are the best items to put on the hallway shelves.

8. For color splashes

If you love the color splashes among all of the furniture of your home, then you can arrange some color pop shelves into your home. As a result, an eye-catching and varied look will create in the home environment.

9. Clever use
Every home has some awkward space that looks very dull and decreases home beauty. Here you can apply your knowledge and cleverly use those awkward places. This type of floating shelves can increase the discipline of your home.

How to arrange individual shelves on a wall

Individual shelves arranging is a great way to make your home more unique and sophisticated. Although we have seen most shelves exist in the horizontal design, the vertical style is very attractive. Here are some individual floating shelves placement ideas.

  • Vertical arrangements wall ledges
  • Staggered and Asymmetrical
  • Low Profile

Vertical arrangements: It refers to the shelf style is designed with a vertical position. It is less conventional till now, but the demand and value are increasing.

Wall ledges: Wall ledges are slightly different because it is designed with few shelves or box style shelves together.

Staggered and asymmetrical: Asymmetrical wall shelves are extremely weird but excellent to see.

Low profile: These types of shelves exist in very narrower spaces. You can make some low-profile shelves to put the smaller and narrower size of accessories.

How to decorate a wall shelf

When you are clear about how to arrange floating shelves, you might seek to decorate a wall shelf? Well, here are some easy tips for you.

Display books and magazines: Nowadays, most PDF books are available online, but the appearance of an offline library is huge. So, if you want to make a small library in your home, then decorate shelves with books and magazines.

Add some indoor plants: Putting some small vases with indoor plants or fresh flowers can add new beauty to your shelves. As well, this kind of decorative method can keep you fresh all day long.

Leaning arts and photograph: A leaning artwork looks more beautiful than a hanging one. So, you can decorate your living room shelves with some learning artworks and natural photographs. Many often put their family traditional photos on the shelf.

Use Neutrals: If you love to display bright color accessories on your shelves, then you must use some neutrals. It can make the shelf more sophisticated and reduce the eye strain from completely bright colors.

Display items in various sizes: Similar sizes of items and accessories may seem boring to see. On the other hand, if you decorate the shelve with a combination of a smaller and larger object, then it would be great.

Paint the shelves with favorite color: Most of the ready-made shelves come with the regular white, black and wooden color. But some simple DIY painting can be better to increase the appearance of the shelves.


1) Where should Shelves be placed on the wall?

Floating shelves could be suitable in a different position on a different wall. It depends on the room types, available space on the wall and the owner demand.

2) How do you stagger a shelf on a wall?

If you want to stager a shelf on a wall, you must know about the wall length and shelf length. After then choose and mark the exact height you want to install the shelf. In the next step, install the shelves periodically between 2 staggered floating shelves. Keep a few inches gaps that you want between the shelves.

3) How can you hang floating shelves on drywall?

It is possible to install the floating shelves and bracket between the wall stud without anchoring. However, you will need additional support if you install the floating shelves on drywall. In this case, anchors work best that also called molly plug.

4) Where should floating shelves be placed in the kitchen?

There has no specific recommended place to install floating shelves in the kitchen, but you must put the shelves in an accessible place. Often there might have dead space among the cabinet or desk. You can place the floating shelves in those places.

Final Words:

I hope you have got extensive ideas on how to arrange shelves on a wall. For shelf arranging, there has not fixed rules because it depends on user preferences. However, you can obey some basics before arranging a shelf in your home. We have already discussed which types of floating shelves would be best for which place.

Besides, you have got the sections of shelves decorative ides. So, it is simple now to arrange your shelves and decorate them nicely. Do you want to know more details? Then you can let us know in the comment box. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, ||| Copyright© 2022 • All Right Reserved.