What to put on end tables besides lamps? Simple yet stylish

Do you want unique and creative end table decorating ideas? Actually, everyone needs it to make the home more styling and attractive. Decorating an end table is not always easy; it needs a lot of effort and feels to style well.

The end table’s horizontal flat surface is easy to fill up with different items like most people put on a lamp in every end table but does the table look attractive? Don’t be so cool; you can make it more desirable by adding some other items.

Styling doesn’t come naturally, you need proper accessories. If you want to make the end table more attractive, more stylish, and more useful then you need some thoughtful ideas. There is a common question, what to put on end tables besides lamps? That’s why today we have come with some astonishing ideas that you put on the end tables bedside a lamp.

Decorating the end table

The end table simply adds the attractiveness that your room needs. How much stuff you can put on depends on how large the end table is. According to the table place and usage, you can decorate them in different styles. Here are some aspects to consider before decoration.

Table size: Table size comes in a compact size to make it functional and useful. Whether the size 3-5 items are suitable in the end tables. For small end table decor ideas, you can always go with 3 items. However, never set more than 5 items because it looks well cultured and perfect. It also completes the end table.

Table shape: Table shape matters a lot in how to arrange things. Such as if it has an accent table shape, the decorating will according to a classic look. Overall, the decorating follows the table design and shape.

Table Usage: Decorate the end table according to the usage. If the end table is placed in the bedroom or you are using it as a coffee table, then don’t overfill it. Spare some spaces to keep glasses, keys, phones, or other small personal things.

Color combination: Adding items in different colors refresh the mood. A bright piece of antique can change the whole view of the room and can be the main attention. So make proper color combinations to make it more attractive.

Height variation: If you put items of different height, it looks more modern. Such as most people put a lamp because it adds an extra height to the end table. Putting two items about the same height will not compete with the look. Height variation creates visual interest, so keep in mind that.

Decorative accessory ideas besides the lamp

Many people buy very expensive stuff to decorate the end table. These pieces are beautiful but you can also make it colorful and elegant using some simple things and techniques. For decorating the end table, try these amazing ideas:

Art or photo frame: An end table is an ideal place to show the art or paintings. The family photo frame is also a charming piece that you can put on the end table. Not only family photos, but you also can keep any type of photo frame. If you are very fond of photography, you can show your creativity in this way.

The art or photo frame adds a warm look. It will be great if you keep the photo frame to the end table decor for the bedroom. So you can see them when you are relaxing on the bed and enjoy the moment. If your beloved is far away from you, then you must keep a photo frame on the end table near the bed.

Talking about art, you can make creative DIY. Like some small art with acrylic color or watercolor. Then frame the art and keep it on the end table. This is a very cost-effective way to decorate the end table. Here you just need to show your creativeness.

Books: Books work as a riser for decorating the end table. Who doesn’t want to read books? Every house has some special books that can be used for decorating. If you think the end table has more space, you can keep books mixing two or three types. Don’t keep up to three books and you can place one more item over the books.

The books come in different colors and shades so you can make beautiful color combinations among them. It is really a special idea for decorating and useful when you are spending your leisure time.

Decorative bowls: Bowls are one of the best decorative end table ideas for living room, family room, or other areas. You can keep a small bowl that has a unique shape and design. A handcrafted bowl is also a nice addition to decorate the end table. If the end table has layers, it will be great to put bowls in the layers. It is a simple way, but it looks gorgeous.

Personal things: Putting personal stuff on the end table looks very inviting. Some personal things can be a special theme for decorating. There you don’t need to spend money. It can be a simple box or anything. The favorite books are also personal things. Some whimsy or funny things can be an excellent idea.

Organics: Organics is an exceptional way for modern end table decor. Some green plants or flower vases add a great attraction to the end table. Beautiful flowers add a small life to your room, and something real makes a good impression on the outcomes. A bounce tulip rose or any other flowers are suitable choices for decorating the end table.

Decorating with real flowers looks very elegant, but they are not long-lasting, and you need to buy fresh flowers often. So if you don’t want to buy flowers regularly, then you can go with faux. You will get very convincing faux flowers in the market that give real and fresh touch for a long time.

To keep the flowers, you need a nice jug-type vase. The vase also works as a piece of art. You can choose handmade vases that are great for decorating accent end tables. Or you can pick clear and smart glass vases. The vase also adds some height to the end table.

Shallow basket: A shallow basket is one of the simple end table accessories that make the table useful and decorative too. The shallow basket allows you to keep small items organized, such as remote, keys, or other small items. If you repeat the color while choosing the basket, it will convey a designer look. Like match the color with flooring or sidewalls.

Showpieces: Putting a unique or simple showpiece on the end table can change the look of your room. According to the showpiece, it lends an emphasis and a modern look. Using showpieces for decorating end tables is tending for decades. Actually, it is the best way to exhibit the antique piece. There are different types of showpieces in various price tags. If you are not willing to buy, you can do some DIY and make a creative showpiece.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to put lamps on the end table?

Putting the end table is not mandatory. Everyone has their own taste; if you don’t want to keep the lamp, it will be okay. But if you add a lamp, it will enhance height to the end table and give you lighting. So you can add them if you need lighting or table height.

How do you style an end table?

You can style an end table by putting some simple, elegant, and creative things. Less is more; done overfills the end table. Always try to make it simple with suitable and beautiful elements.

How do you decorate a console table?

Decorating a console table takes lots of effort because it is placed in the entryway, and it decides the impression of visitors. The console table is set in the dining room, so put some interesting and fancy stuff.
You can decorate the console table with theme flowers, antique pieces, or matching stuff according to the back walls.

What should you display on the coffee table?

The coffee table comes in small size and is placed in front of the couch or side area of the sofa. The coffee table should not fill with stuff because you need to keep the coffee mug or glasses. So here you can put some books or a simple vase. Always keep one or two items, not more than.

Final words

The end table is the best way to decorate the room. What to put on end tables besides lamps is very much confusing. So these decorative ideas are great to give a desirable look to your room. These simple ideas will impress you every day.

The lamp is an essential part that adds height and completes the end table. Besides it, you can nicely arrange the other stuff. In the end, we will say all the stuff should match with other furniture, whether it is a vase, a lamp or anything.

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