How to decorate a glass display cabinet like an expert

Have a glass display cabinet at home? But could not understand how to decorate the display cabinet in an organized way? Don’t worry! I am here to help you out! In this article, we will discuss the most effective and efficient way!

The glass display cabinets are extraordinary to create a fancy yet glam look to any interior. Glass is considered a gentle and fragile element but creates a modern and sophisticated outlook! Therefore, most people want to keep a glass display cabinet in their home. But some may feel afraid to have glass cabinets due to their fragile characteristic. At the same time, some don’t know how to display the glass cabinets properly. So, they can’t enhance the beauty the way it should be. Therefore, the people need to know how they can decorate them in an organized way to enhance their sweet home’s enchantress.

Here, in this article, I will give an overview of how to decorate a glass display cabinet with some easy steps. Let’s begin!

What is a glass display cabinet?

A glass display cabinet is a specialized type of display case. These cabinets are mostly used to display awards, souvenirs, pieces of jewelry, watches, etc. You can use this as an office storage cabinet. Most of the time, the cabinet’s base is made of wood, while the rest of the cabinet is glass. Usually, display cabinets are made of oak, cherry, and pine woods. One may have a metal-built frame instead of a wood base. Some may customize the base with a metal frame instead of wood.

Benefits of a glass display cabinet:

  • A glass display cabinet offers a great storage space
  • One can display his dearest showpieces in a glass display cabinet properly
  • A glass display for the kitchen helps to organize daily kitchen items and makes them easily reachable to hand
  • The glass display cabinets are easy to clean
  • A glass display cabinet provide a glamorous look to the whole room’s interior

How to decorate glass cabinets in the living room

It is hard to find a living room without a glass display cabinet. They offer a decorative piece of furniture and provide great storage space to create an open and spacious look to the interior. One can easily decorate a glass display cabinet in the living room by following some easy steps!

Process of decorating glass cabinets in the living room:

  1. Firstly, clean the glass display cabinet properly. Otherwise, decorating pieces in a filthy display doesn’t make any sense.
  2. Choose some unique pieces for the decoration that matches the color of the cabinets.
  3. Don’t make your cabinet a heap of stuff. If one decorates a few pieces in an organized way, it will create a more sophisticated look. Don’t create a messed-up look by putting over things in the cabinet.
  4. If one has a deep shelf, put the smaller decorative pieces in front of other pieces.
  5. Set the small pieces in the cabinet’s upper shelves and less used, large pieces in the bottom shelves of the cabinet. So that it becomes less visible
  6. Never forget to put things in odd numbers. Because things in odd numbers look better, three is the magic number at all times!
  7. Try to create different heights on the shelves to create an attractive outlook. The same height will create a plain outlook. Try to set things in a mixture of horizontal and vertical setup.
  8. Add things in different colors to make the cabinet more attractive.

TIPS: Maintain caution is a must thing while decorating a glass cabinet. Otherwise, it can be a nightmare for oneself!

How to decorate kitchen cabinets with glass doors

Nowadays, the use of glass display cabinets has been changed from the prior period. A few years back, people only used glass display cabinets in the living room to decorate showpieces. But now people prefer to keep a glass cabinet in their kitchen to store things that are easy to reach. Moreover, the glass display cabinet adds a classy look to the kitchen.


  • Since the glass display is placed in a clear-view area, clean it properly.
  • Pick some pieces of kitchen items that match the glass pallets. One can choose high-end items to display, such as champagne flutes, decorative plates, glasses, and other items for special occasions.
  • If possible, it is better to go for a white glass display cabinet. Because white color blends with other colors smoothly
  • If one desires to stack things like plates and bowls, make each stack the same height. This makes for a more classic look.
  • If you have more space on the shelves, it would be intellectual to create several rows of kitchen items. For instance, a row for dishes, another for small glasses. Try to organize the small pieces of kitchen items in the front part while keeping the large pieces at the back.
  • Put the smaller items closest to the doors and stick big pieces in the back. For example, organize a few cups of tea in front of a decorative teapot.
  • Put the large and hardly used items on the top shelf so that the items will be hardly reachable and will be less visible than the bottom ones.
  • Put some items horizontally while keeping others vertically to create a more interesting view.
  • Keep specific glasses together. Such as tall bar glasses together, regular glasses together.
  • Put mismatched glasses, mugs, plates in another cabinet that isn’t matching in the glass cabinet.
  • Avoid storing unsightly items in glass cabinets such as cereal boxes, canned goods, snack bars, and unattractive dishes in the glass cabinet for decoration.
  • Firstly, decorate the shelves with necessary stacks and then organize the left-over kitchen items on the sides, over the rows of kitchen items, or even in the below.


  • Never burden your kitchen cabinet with all kitchen stuff. Despite having plenteous kitchen items, there is no reason to display each of them in the display cabinet doesn’t mean you need to display every single one in the cabinet. Be precise while choosing the items and handover the rest stuff to another place
  • Try to get a plastic cover on each shelf to protect the wooden layer from kitchen items.

How to arrange bathroom items in a glass cabinet

Nowadays, there are also bathroom glass cabinets to store bath items. Keeping items organized will save one’s time in the long run.


  • Empty shelf cabinets, removing everything you don’t need or use, including expired items and damaged drawer liners
  • Clean the glass cabinet Decorate items’ shelves such as keep towels on a shelf and clean items on another shelf. Making separate compartments will help one to get the items easily
  • Keep the everyday used item on the upper shelves of the glass cabinet


How do you decorate glass shelves?

Since glass shelves are visible, it would be intellectual to be picky while choosing decorative pieces. If one can organize them by maintaining few tricks such as putting some things horizontally while others in vertically, putting small decorative pieces in front of others, setting items in groups, then one can easily decorate glass shelves in the cabinet.

How do create a balanced look in a glass cabinet?

Try to take things in various sizes in this regard. Mix and match bigger and smaller pieces to create a layered look in the glass cabinets. Try beginning with a few large staple items and then accessorizing with smaller, more intricate objects. Integrating sizable and smaller pieces creates a stabled look.

How to display wine glasses in a cabinet?

If one has open shelves, then he can use glass racks under the wooden base to hang the wine glasses in the glass racks. It will create a more attractive look. Moreover, it is helpful to drip the waters of the glasses after washing.
On the other hand, if it has closed shelves, try to get the smaller wine glasses in front of the tall bar glasses. Try to keep them in a group.

How to decorate books in a glass cabinet?

Some may desire to decorate the glass cabinet with some books. The primary rule for decorating books in a cabinet is that one has to keep one-third of books, one-third of other decorative items, and one-third of empty space on each shelf. The process may include:
• Balance books with decorative items.
• Create symmetry.
• Leave some empty space.
• Add interest with learning books by creating vary the design
• Use a limited color palette.
• Cover books in uniform paper.


Final verdict:

There is no doubt; a glass cabinet is useful to the extent that it leaves people with lots of storage space to decorate one’s room. Moreover, people can display their dearest showpieces. But it should not be forgotten that a glass cabinet is set in clear view space. Therefore, it should be neat and clean. The process is neither difficult nor costly to decorate a glass cabinet if one maintains some decorations’ basic rules.

We hope this article was useful for you to get a basic idea about decorating a cabinet. We have covered decorating glass cabinets in the living room, kitchen, and washroom. So, it’s your time to get a beautifully decorated glass cabinet! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, ||| Copyright© 2022 • All Right Reserved.