About Us

Welcome to furniturebelt.com. I am Brown walker, studied interior design. I love to research and make unique woodworking DIY projects. It was my passion from my childhood. My educational background is a great blessing to fulfill my dream of designing and researching several interior furniture. In my teenage years, I observed my neighbor and relatives are tense to decorate their home with the right furniture and the right ways as I love it, so I have decided to make myself more experienced in this sector. My goal is to help people with unique ideas of home décor with appropriate furniture.

I am good luck because I have got some curious friends in my University life, they are highly interested in doing home décor work. For this purpose, we have decided to make a free blog called furniturebelt.com to help the general people. Good to know, an interior designer may cost a lot for providing home decoration ideas. However, not everybody can expense the cost of an interior designer. We love to research it from our heartiest wish to provide those less-budget people with free ideation for home decoration ideas and provide several DIY and woodworking project ideas.

What we are:
We are a voluntary research group of home décor and interior design with modern furniture. Everybody loves to organize their home with luxurious furniture. In this case, proper knowledge and techniques are very important. It is said that very few people have the proper knowledge to decorate their homes with standard rules. Furniture should be placed according to the room space, location, and personal choice. For example, the drawing-room, bedroom, and dining room furniture must be unique in design and set up. We love to help them with our research information who need some excellent ideas for free.

Maybe someone is living in a small house and can’t install the furniture in the right ways. They can get great ideas from our free blog furniturebelt.com. Besides, many are seeking ways of decorating the display cabinets in their home. At the same time, people love to know the right method of cleaning their woodworking furniture. A wrong decoration might destroy the appearance of the home. So, it is crucial to decorate the home with proper knowledge. Since the interior designer cost is very high and they can’t bear it. That is why we have taken decision to help them with our home decor knowledge.

What we do:
First of all, we research several home décor ideas and analysis of modern furniture style. Then we make some step-by-step guides for each specific furniture and cabinet decoration. At the same time, we provide our experience of the easiest ways of furniture cleaning and maintaining. Because we know the wrong cleaning process may damage your furniture or less maintenance can destroy the furniture soon. Moreover, we are researching a versatile woodworking project, DIY, that is helpful for all.

Additionally, we research some real sources of home décor furniture and accessories. In those cases, we let the people know about the product quality, best brand, and limited price. We have researched an enormous number of people who have lost many bucks behind the poor-quality product. So, our blog furniturebelt.com is passionate to help people.

The author:
M.A.I Russel an interior designer and home décor, researcher. He loves to innovate new designs for home decoration and loves to hear soft music, and he often loves to travel outside countries, but his main goal is to research home design.

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