How To Frame An Oval Bathroom Mirror? Check Our Exclusive Mirror Framing Ideas Right Away!

Who doesn’t want to bring some aesthetic appeal to their washroom? The mirror is the thing that can help most in bringing the modern or vintage vibe to a boring bathroom. Obviously, just hanging a plain oval mirror on the wall won’t do any good.

A homeowner needs to be creative if he wishes to be unique. If he wishes to show off his style, taste, and creativity, framing a frameless mirror will be the best and easiest way out there.

However, how to frame an Oval Bathroom Mirror?

Even thinking about it sounds tricky, doesn’t it? Hey, don’t worry as we have arrived specially to enrich the beginners with our mind-blowing decorative designs! We have highlighted the whole process of framing along with DIY oval bathroom mirror frame ideas. So, are you ready to be the creative decorator to bring elegance and aesthetics to the washroom?

What Is The Need Of Framing A Bathroom Mirrors?

No one can deny that mirrors are the main decor that can lighten any space and make it look a little spacious. Especially in cases of bathrooms, mirrors are the primary concern of many decorators. As there is a wide range of bathroom furniture or mirror designs available in the market, naturally, any beginner would be confused.

Frameless Vs. Framed bathroom mirrors, which one should I choose? Are Frameless bathroom mirrors in style?

No one can blame you for having such queries. There are several things to consider about both framed and non-framed mirrors which will assist in making the right decision. Let’s try to find which mirror will be best for you, shall we?

Framed Mirrors:

If a homeowner thinks of purchasing a vanity table for his bathroom, a framed mirror will naturally accompany the package. These types of mirrors are comparatively smaller than frameless ones. He can also purchase a framed mirror and hang it at facial height. However, many people don’t prefer it as this type of mirror has lower coverage areas.

Framed Mirrors may have several disadvantages. Such as –

  • Frames may trap vapor inside.
  • Wooden frames may rot quickly if in touch with moisture.

Thus, be careful to purchase the framed mirrors which offer high moisture resistance.

Personally, I prefer framed Mirrors as they offer a more vintage look than non-framed mirrors. They can catch a visitor’s attention at first sight, especially if a user mounts them as a pair. Moreover, he can even customize additional storage below or behind the framed mirrors. Mostly, we notice such storage solutions in medicine cabinets.

Frameless Mirror:

Frameless bathroom mirrors are the best solution for small bathrooms. They highly contribute to making the room more spacious than it really is. It’s a fact that – frameless mirrors are pretty expensive as they are entirely made of glass. However, the investment is really worthy as they always bring a modern appeal.

The major drawback of a frameless mirror is –

  • It doesn’t offer custom-storage solutions like framed ones.
  • The mirror may trap vapor inside.
  • Trapped moisture might even cause mirror rot.

In this context, carefully purchase a mirror that offers moisture-resistant technology. Of course, you don’t want to face mirror rot after investing dollars in it. As a storage solution, you can just build cabinets on other sides of the washroom instead of the mirror.

Thus, frameless mirrors really seem like an elegant and modern solution, especially for small bathrooms.

6 Easy Steps To Install A Frameless Oval Mirror!

If frameless mirrors are your thing, you might be wondering how to hang an oval mirror on the wall? Let’s follow six easy steps to install the frameless mirror right now!

  1. Firstly, decide the exact place and height to place the mirror. Now, it’s time to make holes with a drilling machine at an accurate height.
  2. Fold the wall anchors and insert them into the hole.
  3. After setting up the anchors properly, install the mount brackets and seal them with screws.
  4. Keep the mirror on a plain surface in an upside-down position. Now it’s time to join the arms carefully.
  5. Lastly, hold the mirror in the desired position and keep the arms specifically on the mount brackets.
  6. Use a hex wrench to tighten the screw under the arms.

Isn’t it easy? Believe me; even if you are not a professional, I believe you will be able to hang the mirror on the wall with just a try.

4 Exclusive Decoration Ideas To Frame The Oval Bathroom Mirror!

If you are up for framed mirrors like me, then I bet you want to design the washroom with a fantastic touch of creativity.

Which frame should I Use? Should I just choose a wooden frame or a woven frame? Mosaic ones would look great too, doesn’t it? Uh, so confusing!

I bet this is the exact situation you are through right now. That’s why check our exclusive DIY oval mirror frame ideas to fill the washroom with superior aesthetics.

How To Frame An Oval Bathroom Mirror With Wood?

When a beginner wonders how to frame an oval bathroom mirror, utilizing a wooden frame is the most common & most straightforward way to design the bathroom artistically. Traditional colors like – cherry red, bronze paint, or eclectic red can bring the appeal for which the heart craves for.

  • In order to make an oval mirror wood frame, take a measurement of the mirror and cut the MDF board with a chop saw. If the homemaker doesn’t own a miter saw, he can try some local home improvement stores. They can perform the job accurately as per the requirements.
  • After trimming, put the board on the surface and start painting the back with latex paints. Go for the front after letting the back dry for 2 hours.
  • Start sanding the surfaces by using sandpaper.
  • Take three portions of the MDF board and stick them together with highly adhesive wood glue. Let the glue dry for 2 hours again.
  • Now it’s time for caulking to seal the gaps and hide the folded edges.
  • Start painting the silicon and two layers and let it dry for at least 12 hours.
  • Finally, get some paneling adhesives from local home improvement shops and apply them to the frame.
  • Carefully place the mirror on the accurate level while pressing the frame & adhesive securely.

Use Mosaic Or Tiles To Frame An Oval Mirror:

Framing oval mirror with Mosaic tile is an excellent solution among all. Decorators especially recommend them for bathrooms as they are significant in protecting the wall from splashes.

  • At first, a user needs to purchase a simple mat from any local shop. Then he needs to cut the mat as per the measurement of the tile. However, keep some extra inches for the tile edges.
  • Remove the backing of the mat and place the mirror on it.
  • Now, place the tile lightly on the other side of the mat after removing the plastic. The user shouldn’t press the tile firmly on the mat until he is sure of the accurate position. That’s because once the tile attaches firmly to the mat, it becomes immovable.
  • After being sure, press the tile for a solid attachment.
  • Cover the mirror with painter’s tape for superior protection before grouting.
  • At last, start grouting the tile with a trowel.

Woven Mirror Frames Are Quite Aesthetic:

Using woven or ropes is another aesthetic way of designing the frameless mirror. Many decorators are in love with their premium gesture.

  • A user has to get a woven frame from local craft shops to begin the oval mirror makeover.
  • Next, he would need highly adhesive glue. Here, we would recommend E-6000, which primarily works on every material out there.
  • Apply the glue and attach the mirror firmly with the woven frame. Keep some weight on the mirror to strengthen the joint. Now, let the whole project dry for 24 hours.
  • At last, take a small piece of ribbon and hot glue. Form a loop and attach it with the woven framed mirror’s back by the adhesive.

The whole process is super easy, cheap yet awesome. I bet every homemaker would love such decorative & inexpensive ideas.

A Beaded Edge Glass Framed Mirror:

A beaded glass framed mirror will look quite stylish and modern whether a homeowner wants to place it in a room or washroom. It is one of the most renowned DIY oval mirror frame ideas.

  • In the beginning, a decorator needs to place the mirror on the backing. He would need a marker for tracing the mirror’s outline. For the backing, we would recommend using vinyl.
  • Then, he has to cut the vinyl along the marked line.
  • He should also cut a vinyl piece (2 to 5 inches) separately for making the hanger. Fold the piece and glue them back to back. He can try sewing as well if he is not into glues.
  • Join the hanger with vinyl backing by sewing or applying glue.
  • Using a caulk gun would be the best option to apply mirror adhesives on the mirror’s back. Spread the glue on it properly and remove all air bubbles. Now, press the vinyl on the glue firmly and wait for several hours.
  • Take some glass gem to give the mirror the oval mirror makeover. Put little super glue on the mirror edge and press the gems on it. Repeat this process until the edge is completely covered with glass gems.
  • Let the whole project dry for 24 hours, and the beaded glass framed mirror is ready.


How do I frame an existing bathroom mirror?

Framing an existing bathroom mirror is super easy and cheap as well. A user might do the framing by using only $25. He will need a miter saw, pocket screw, table saw, measurement tape, and drill for this job.
• The decorator needs to measure the size of the existing mirror. This will help him to determine the overall size of the frame. This method is mainly suitable for wood-type frames.
• Mirror thickness is also an important parameter to measure. That’s because a user needs to cut a notch on the posterior side of the frame. Mirror’s thickness will determine the depth of the notch. While cutting the sides, he should keep the edges 1 inch longer for proper mounting.
• He must trim every edge carefully with a miter saw at a 45° angle.
• Make holes on either side of the pieces by a driller.
• Join the pieces together with some wooden glue. For a secured attachment, join them by using some pocket screws.
• Once he is done with glue, he has to let it dry for several hours (at least 12 hours). Later he can customize it more by using his favorite colors.

What size should the bathroom mirror be?

In order to find the bathroom mirror of perfect size, a decorator needs to measure the width of the countertop first. Then, choose a mirror 1 or 2 inches shorter than that measurement.

How can I make my bathroom mirror look better?

Framing the mirror is the best option to make the mirror look better. He can go for the wood frame, mosaic, tiles, or woven ones. The choice of frame is totally one’s personal preference.
If the homemaker is up for large mirrors, he can frame out the whole mirror wall. Make some wide molding to fit the mirror. Staining the frame with some classy and modern color will bring a premium feel. Join the frame with the mirror by using some high adhesive spray or glue. If he has enough room, he can even bind the frame directly to the wall.

Final Words:

How to frame an oval bathroom mirror is a common query interested in decorating their washroom mirrors. As we know, the mirror takes a considerable place in our washrooms. In fact, the looks & designs of the mirror affect the whole view of the bathrooms.

In order to assist decorators a bit, we have described several decoration ideas along with the entire process. We have grabbed all the ideas from professional and experienced decorators. So, you can try them on your favorite mirror without worries. I bet your bathroom will have the most fantastic gesture after coming in touch with our creativity. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, ||| Copyright© 2022 • All Right Reserved.