The 6 best office chair for 300 lbs

Considering your body weight you may be looking for a chair to use in the office. Our research team has come up with some best office chairs that are suitable for people weighing 300 lbs or more.

To do this research, we have paid special attention to the opinions of the users, the price, and the quality of the chair. I hope that in this article you can easily choose the best chair that matches your body weight. So let’s find out the best office chair for 300 lbs people.

1) BILKOH Ergonomic Office Chair

Advantages: Enable to sit for long hours without sweat, comprehensive back support and reduce back pain

BILKOH Ergonomic Office Chair

BILKOH Ergonomic is an appealing office chair to many consumers because it is designed with a unique appearance and total comfort. This mesh chair has some great features to support you all day long.

First, BILKOH has excellent lumber and backrest support already trusted to the existing customers as a back pain reliever. As an added benefit, there is a tilt fusion with the backrest to allow you to lean.

Besides, it has an adjustable headrest option for neck comfort. And they have 3D motioned armrests. Overall, this chair is aesthetic in design with a minimalist mesh profile that indeed increases your office room beauty.

This chair dimension is 26.37 x 26.37 x 43.7, and the weight is 44.8 Pounds. BILKOH manufacturing brand recommends this chair for a maximum of 300 Lbs weight. Also, know that the material meshes and the color are black.

BILKOH offers a 30 days money-back guarantee. Besides, it has a one-year warranty and customer services for faulty products.

Key Features:

  • The high-quality mesh material is enough dense, stretchable, and comfortable
  • Ergonomic design with dynamic digital function can ensure human backrest
  • The wheel construction is of thick steel that is heavy duty and durable to take 300 lbs. weight.
  • Adjustable headrest, backrest, and lumbar support provide comfort as you require.

What customers are saying:
Existing consumers are happy with the excellent features and functions. As well as they have been praised for the comfort level, easy assembly, and excellent warranty service.

Some customers have complained that they got the smell of chemical plastic from this chair.

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2) Tribesigns High Back Ergonomic Desk Chair

Advantages: large contoured back and headrest, provide a Features direction video to help use the chair correctly.

Tribesigns ergonomic office chair comes with a compacted and sleek design. Among all its unique features, the high backrest is one of the most significant increases in consumer demand.

Also, know that Tribesigns is a premium combination of the adjustable headrest, backrest and arm sets. Besides, it has excellent lumbar support and tilt function. At the same time, you are getting a cushioned seat for more extended comfort.

Moreover, the built is notably durable with a 3 mm thicker steel base and cushioned seat with a flimsy nylon cover. Not only this, with the help of a magnificent look, you can do new things in your office environment.

Although we have not got any specific warranty time, it offers to exchange any damaged product. Also, it is promising to provide any damaged parts.

The measurement of this office chair is 27 x 13 x 24.6 inches, and the weight is 40.8 pounds. They have Iron, nylon, PP, foam in their material. Also, know that this chair color is full black.

Key Features:

  • Premium cushioned seat with the high-density sponge and comfortable memory foam.
  • It has a comfortable and adjustable armrest pad of full PU leather
  • Iron-based construction with raw nylon, PU, and soft cushioned
  • It has an adjustable headset, backrest, and flexible armrest support
  • Adjustable seat and 360-degree swivel for roaming around your desk

What customers are saying:
Customers have expressed positive feedback about this ergonomic office chair. Especially, existing customers are happy with the high-end backrest and lovely swivel angel.

Some customers have complained about the plastic lumber support and Low-quality material.

3) SONGMICS Extra Big Office Chair

Advantages: Multiple adjustments, Provide 2 extra wheels and screws for future replacements.

Are you looking for an extra-large office chair? SONGMICS office chair is an ideal option because it is designed with ergonomic body-hugging features. At the same time, the chair body is thick, soft and comfortable.

The construction of SONGMICS is quite different from another office chair. First of all, it is made of full cushioned high-density foam that also has an innerspring. Due to this innerspring, this chair can rock according to your body weight. So, it can reduce body fatigue when the user is too tired.

Moreover, this big office chair has multiple height adjusting functions and a 90 to 110 degrees recline position. Also, it is tested from BIFMA for durability and load-bearing capacity.

It has up to 30 months warranty for additional parts replacement because it has two extra wheels and screws for future replacement. Besides, SONGMICS is providing excellent after-sales service.

The dimension is 32.3 x 25.6 x 15 inches, and the weight is 43.6 pounds. Also, know that this big size chair can take 330 lbs. weight. Hence the construction material is nylon, PVC, and PU. As an office chair, it is also black in color.

Key Features:

  • It has an optimal comfortable seat with a padded backrest, headrest and upholstered seat.
  • Waterfall-like front edge design provides additional support to legs
  • Up to 110 degrees back swivel recline ensures back comfort when you are too tired
  • Multiple seat height adjustment allows you to sit with comfort as required

What customers are saying:
Current customers are pleased to use this chair because they are enjoying maximum comfort and durability. In particular, they talk about its weight-bearing capacity and soft seat.

The only downside of this chair is that it gets unavailable often.

4) ANACCI ergonomic office chair

Advantages: Replacement or a full refund if you’re not satisfied.

Are you seeking a smaller size office chair with maximum comfort? Then ANACCI ergonomics comes with the right features. This chair is being used in a large number of houses next to the office. Its high back and seat cushion cover is made of breathable mesh.

This chair is certified by BIFMA for its durability and stability. It means you can be sure of the quality of armrests, trays, wheels and gas lifts. Besides, it has a very responsive seat cushion, easy adjustment and customization.

It is offering an attractive five years of warranty for any product replacement. Only you have to let the manufacturer know about the product problem via email.

The ANACCI office chair dimension is 18 x 24 x 37.4 inches with 27.6 pounds weight. Good to know that this black color office chair material is cotton mesh.

Key Features:

  • It is passed from BIFMA for the durable seat, 360-degree rotation and explosion-proof seat.
  • It has comfortable cotton material that can respond as per your body temperature and features.
  • Easy and versatile customization benefit that you can adjust as per your wish
  • Rolling Base design allows you for Maneuverability and smoother motion.

What customers are saying:
The recent consumers have been praised for its excellent 5-years warranty service. At the same time, users are happy with the compacted size and versatile features.

Some consumers have faced problems assembling this office chair.

5) KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

Advantages: Adjustable padded lumbar support, you can assemble within 20 minutes.

KOLLIEE Mid Back chair is designed for the intelligent office environment. Without a high-end headrest, this chair has a lot of multifunctional features. If you mainly need support for the mid and lower back, it would be the best choice.

It has an adjustable armrest, lumbar support, and rocking mechanism for added comfort. Moreover, the lumber support has an included padded cover that ensures all-day-long comfort.

Hence, this chair has a pair of foldable and removable arm sets. So, you can use this chair without an arm set too. Also, it is easy storage convenient for this unique design.

We didn’t get any specific warranty information from the manufacturing brand. However, you can buy all necessary parts from this brand with cost.

The overall dimension of the KOLLIEE office chair is 24.4 x 19.7 x 38.2 inches, and the weight is 24.9 pounds. Its material is breathable mesh nylon.

Key Features:

  • A multifunctional office chair with 360-degree swivel, lumbar support and tilt adjustment
  • The padded lumbar support reduces back pain and allows for sitting all day long.
  • The space-saving foldable and removable arm set design
  • It has high-density breathable, and comfortable mesh material

What customers are saying:
Existing customers are highly impressed with its all features. But they have especially liked the foldable arm set and quickly assembled features.

This product is often unavailable, and it has no headrest.

6) B2C2B Ergonomic Office Chair

Advantages: You can raise or lower this chair’s seat positioning to suit your height and size.

Do you feel much comfortable using a complete leather computer chair? As well as if you would love to get the most significant size chair, then B2C2B is a fantastic office chair for you. It offers high comfort for all day, long workers.

Hence, this chair will work as a stress releaser for muscles and joints. Apart from that, it offers you a variety of movements and flexibility. Overall, this B2C2B chair is best comfortable for head, neck and back pain.

Furthermore, this office chair is designed with respective comfort, adjustability, flip-up and swivel angel. Besides, it is made of high-end PU material.

This product has no warranty certification, but you can purchase it without any tension because it is certified and tested by ANSI and BIFMA.

The measurement is 28.3 x 28.3 x 42.2 inches, and the weight is ‎39.7 pounds. And the material of this black office chair is Faux Leather.

Key Features:

  • It has a thoughtful design for ensuring maximum backrest, headrest, neck and armrest.
  • The pneumatic controlling works to lower and raise the chair as per user comfort.
  • It has space-saving flip-up arms and a 360-degree swivel for rotation.

What customers are saying:
Existing customers have talked about the comfort level, durably built, and convenient features. At the same time, consumers are pleased with the modern appearance.

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