The 10 Best sofa console table for apartment living room

Wishing to have a sofa console table with an innovative design that would complement your modern living room? But could not understand how to choose the right sofa console table that would be best suited for the living room? If you are struggling with these questions, keep reading the article. In this article, we will discuss the best sofa console table for a living room in the most effective and efficient way!

The sofa console table is a piece of art that not only adds a stylish look to the living room but also offers great storage space in the limited area of a living room. So, if one has little space in the living room but wants to decorate the room with furniture, he should focus on the pieces of multi-functional furniture. While there are several types of sofa tables available in the markets with different designs and features, we know, it becomes a bit confusing for some to choose the right one for themselves.

Therefore, in this article, we will review the 10 best console tables for a living room. So that one can easily choose the perfect console table effortlessly! Besides, you will get a practical buying guide, the features, the pros, and cons of each sofa table. So, stay tuned with us!

What Is a Sofa Console Table?

Generally, a console table is a piece of furniture that is wide, fairly narrow. Console tables suit any space in a house but usually are placed against a wall. But when they are placed against the behind of a sofa, it is called a sofa table.
But the main difference between a console table and a sofa console table is their heights. A console table is taller than a sofa table. The height of a standard sofa table tends to be from 10 inches to 15 inches.

Our picks:

Best overall: Sauder North Avenue Sofa Table
“The Sauder North Avenue Sofa Table has proved that it is possible to become charming while being simple!”

Best storage console: BON AUGURE Rustic Console Sofa Table
“With generous storage space and lucrative design, the table will master your mind!”

Another best storage sofa console: OIAHOMY Industrial Sofa Console Table
“The modern console table provides a total of 5-shelves in a single table!”

Best console table for behind couch: HOMERECOMMEND Console Sofa Table
“This table is a great option for one’s narrow living space as a behind couch.”

Best rustic console sofa table: Best Choice Products Rustic Console Sofa Table
“The rustic look of the sofa table adds a traditional, modern look in a living room effortlessly!”

Another Great Console Table for Behind Couch: Convenience Concepts Tucson Console Table
“A narrow console table that is workable and inexpensive.”

Best customized expensive outlook console: SEI Furniture Macen Narrow Console Table
“The table creates an expensive customized table outlook while available in readymade.”

Best weight-bearing console: HOMECHO Sofa Console Table
“The two gliding drawers and shelf of the modern console have the impressive weight-bearing capacity.”

Best modern Sofa console table: Monarch specialties Console Sofa Table
“With a wooden white sleek top with a glossy tempered glass, the console adds a modern lustrous look to any living room!”

Best durable sofa console: Barb Small Console Table
“The real wood material ensures long-lasting usage!”

Best Sofa console table for a living room Reviews

Here’s our candid review of the best sofa console table for a living room and why we think they’re an outstanding pick for you. Moreover, you will get to know the pros and cons to attain a comprehensive overview! So that, you can compare and easily pick the perfect one for your space!

1) Sauder North Avenue Sofa Table

The Sauder North Avenue Sofa Table has proved that it is possible to become charming while being simple! The 41.5 x 11.5 x 28.03 inches sofa table boasts a wooden top surface with a black- metal frame for a lovely contrast! The console table has Oak furniture finishing on all surfaces. The modern console table has a narrow table top, which is suitable for decorating picture frames and other small pieces of showpieces. Moreover, its simple design complements any interior style and easily gets blended with other furniture pieces in the living room!

Key features:

  • The console is recycled material built
  • The narrow table offers only one shelf at the top
  • The top surface a weight-bearing capacity of 50 lbs
  • The console table has Oak furniture finishing on all surfaces
  • It is easy to assemble and all required equipment are provided with the kit
  • The modern sleek design easily mixes with any interior styles regardless of the room types

What’s client say:

Many consumers have admired the simple outlook table with a durable metal frame that complements any interior design! Moreover, the table is not only suitable as a console but also a coffee table. According to them, the table is one of the best options to avail at an affordable price!

A few get upset since the sofa table doesn’t provide any extra storage space and is vulnerable to carry heavy loads.

2) BON AUGURE Rustic Console Sofa Table

Although the Bon Augure Rustic Console Table is expensive, the naïve outlook and the storage spacing will master one’s mind towards it! The 55.12” W x 13.39” D x 30.12” H industrial long entryway table provides three shelves with a weight-bearing capacity of 300 lbs each! These shelves provide adequate storage space. Moreover, the unit is secured by extra brackets in the back! The dark gray oak color table is easy to assemble and durable as well!

Key features:

  • This console table has a versatile usage and is perfect to fit in any place at an apartment
  • The 55.12” W x 13.39” D x 30.12” H table offers three shelves
  • Three shelves maintain a gap of 12- inch among themselves religiously
  • Each shelf has a bearing capacity of 300 lbs of stuff
  • The material of the narrow console table is MDF board and steel frame, which are durable.
  • The rustic console table takes only 20 minutes to assemble!

What’s client say: 

With these helpful features, almost all clients of the console table have been praised and satisfied with this rustic sofa console table. They love the shelves’ weight capacity, which allows lots of storage space to fit things in! They said that the adjustable feet ensure no wobbling. Moreover, the MDF board and quality steel frame are durable, and shelves are easy to assemble!

While other customers complain that the console table’s price a lit high and the long width of the table may make it unsuitable for smaller spaces.

3) OIAHOMY Industrial Sofa Console Table

This time, we have come up with a rustic brown sofa console table that is suitable for a homey environment and an official environment! The OIAHOMY industrial sofa console table easily blends with any style regardless of the room interior’s style with its natural rustic brown color. Moreover, it is the modern console table that provides total of 5-shelves in a single table! Each floor of the shelf can hold up to 300 pounds! Besides, the MDF and metal tube frame are there to make one relaxed about this modern console sofa table’s durability.

Key features:

  • The materials of the modern console table are Medium-density fiberboard, Wood, Iron, Metal, and Steel with Alloy Steel furniture finishing
  • The modern console provides ample storage space with its 5-shelves than other similar items
  • A V-shaped fixing at the back is designed to provide more stability to the sofa table
  • the warmth of vintage wood tones gets blended with any modern or traditional styles of the living room
  • Each floor of the shelf has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 300 pounds
  • The Rustic Brown color sofa console has adjustable feet that even in a complex floor environment!

What’s client say:

A large part of the customers is delighted to have this rustic modern table. They have said that they are extremely happy with its lavish storage space and high weight-bearing capacity! Moreover, the design and color of the table complement any interior style.

While a few have placed their dissatisfaction as the table is not water-resistant and the shelves are not removable.

4) HOMERECOMMEND Console Sofa Table

We perceive that every home interior has its unique style and size. If a living room has a traditional rustic twist, this will be one’s dearest console table made by HOMERECOMMEND! The table is a great option for one’s narrow living space and also for a behind couch. The 41.54″ x 11.61″ x 28.03″ sofa table has a metal frame with a wooden oak finishing that will adjust with any home interior type. The console’s open bottom design is easy to clean, assemble, and can be used as a storage space.

Key features:

  • The Console sofa table is built of a black metal frame with black sandy powder coating to adjust with any classic country style
  • The table offers only one shelf at the top for storage space
  • The narrow table has a brown wooden tabletop, which is designed for dry cleaning
  • The metal construction ensures longer stability and durability of the table
  • The narrow table can be used as a console table, sofa table, or even as a coffee table

What’s client say:

Most of the users are fond of the console who have limited space in the living room. They said that the table is best for narrow space and can be used as a console, sofa table, and a coffee table! The multi-functional table is also durable due to the metal frame.

Unfortunately, some clients have found the material of the table poor. Others said the table has no pre-drill holes in the “wood” top and is very wobbly.

5) Best Choice Products Rustic Console Sofa Table

This time we will review the rustic console sofa table made by Best Choice Products. We can ensure that this rustic modern table would be the best option for people, who are looking for a console with greater storage space. The modern console provides 3-tier of supreme storage space! Moreover, the MDF and steel frame-built table has several brackets at the back for maximum durability. The padded feet are just perfect for securing the floor. Not only that, this modern console has the highest weight-bearing capacity on our list! The table has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 330 pounds! The rustic look of the sofa table adds a traditional, modern look in a living room effortlessly.

Key features:

  • The table is MDF and steel frame-built to offer greater sturdiness and durability.
  • The console provides 3-tier of storage space to put stuff on it.
  • The sofa table bears up to 330 pounds!
  • The adjustable padded feet are generous to protect the floor.
  • The table is also water-resistant to offer an easy cleaning facility.

What’s client say:

The lion’s share of the consumers said the rustic sofa table’s best thing is its massive storage space! They can put heavier things on the shelves as well due to a higher weight-bearing capacity! The table is also very sturdy and durable to survive against everyday wear and tear!

While some have complained that the wood sticker over the top gets peeled-off easily, and the table’s holes don’t get aligned.

6) Convenience Concepts Tucson Console Table

If you want to set a narrow console table behind the couch that will be also inexpensive, you can look at the Convenience Concepts Tucson Console Table. It is a table that would complement other pieces of furniture in the living area without taking more space! The 47.25 x 9 x 29 inches grey color table is lucrative and offers enough storage facility with its two selves at the top and bottom! Moreover, the table has brackets on the sides to secure your favorite decoration pieces! The weight-bearing capacity is also impressive. One can easily put a flat tv on it!

Key features:

  • The 47.25 x 9 x 29 inches console table is metal-built
  • The clear-line design of the table offers two shelves for storage
  • The table is available in multiple finishes
  • The narrow table has a weight capacity of 24 pounds
  • This rectangle-shaped table has brackets on both sides to secure the stuff, which also adds some designs to the outlook.

What’s client say:

Almost all clients agreed that the sofa console table is a nice piece of furniture that works great as a console table while providing enough storage. It is easy to maintenance due to the simple design and easy to assemble within 10minutes! Moreover, they express that the metal-construction is durable as well! SO, you don’t have to worry about wobbling or falling apart.

But a few people complained about the quality of attachment points for the legs that do not line up to fit the screws, while others have found this console table as the wobbly one!

7) SEI Furniture Macen Narrow Console Table

The Macen Console table is capable of making a bold statement about the interior of one’s living room with mixed materials and an industrial vibe. One can buy this table to create an expensive customized table outlook while having found it readymade! The warm burnt Oak finish of the modern table adds an elegant vibe in any space where it is placed. The 54″ W x 11.5″ D x 29.75″ H table has a metal tube frame, ensuring longer durability. Though it is light-weight, it can hold up to 40 pounds!

Key features:

  • The table carries a metal tube frame with a burnt Oak finishing to add an elegant vibe regardless of the type of interior of the living room
  • The modern console table is perfect for limited living space
  • It provides a shelf on the top
  • The console is lightweight and easy to assemble
  • The narrow table can bear up to 40 pounds

What’s client say:

Most of the clients are delighted with the table’s bold outlook, which blends with other pieces of furniture while adding an expensive outlook in the living room. They are also happy with the table’s material since the metal tube frame is durable and sturdy.

On the other hand, some get upset as the table doesn’t provide any extra shelf for storage space. Others also have said that they found the table very wobbly.

8) HOMECHO Sofa Console Table

If you are looking for a console that would provide greater storage space with durability, you can check the HOMECHO Sofa Console Table out! Because the sofa console table provides both drawers and shelf! The two gliding drawers and shelf also have a greater weight-bearing capacity! Moreover, the rustic brown color creates a traditional outlook in the living room effortlessly! It is also easy to clean since the top surface is plain and water-resistant a well. The particle Board and Metal Frame ensure longer durability.

Key features:

  • The material of the sofa table is particle Board and Metal Frame, which is durable.
  • The warm natural wood tones and retro features will add a modern stylish look to the living room.
  • The 39.4 x 13.8 x 29.7 inches 2-tier rectangular sofa table provides two smooth-gliding drawers and a lower shelf as a spacious storage space.
  • The table is water-resistant to ensure greater stability and durability.
  • The weight-bearing capacity of the table is also impressive. The top shelf can hold 66 lbs, while the bottom shelf can hold 88 lbs

What’s client say:

The lion’s share of the customers is happy with the supreme storage space of the sofa table. They can easily showcase their dearest showpieces on the shelf while storing the stuff in the drawers. They said the water-resistant table is also durable and easy to clean! While some have complained about the poor quality of finishing the sofa table which seems like a paper. Others also have said that the drawers don’t close all the way.

9) Monarch Specialties Console Sofa Table

If you are searching for a unique minimalist design in a sofa console table, then the Monarch specialties Console Sofa Table is one of the best options to avail! With a wooden white sleek top with a glossy tempered glass, the console adds a modern lustrous look to any living room! The 44 x 16 x 32 inches rectangle console table offers a generous surface area to decorate one’s dearest showpieces! Moreover, the simple design provides an opportunity for an easy cleaning facility!

Key features:

  • The material of the sofa console table is wood, which is durable to survive
  • The glossy white finish adds a modern outlook to any living space
  • The table offers only one shelf at the top, which is quite spacious
  • The clear tempered glass sides mix with any decorative style in the living room
  • The maximum weight capacity of the console is 88 pounds, which is suitable for bearing a heavy load
  • The sofa console is enough sturdy and easy to clean!

What’s client say:

Most of the console table users have expressed their contentment with the table due to its simplistic white sleek modern outlook. Moreover, the MDF and tempered Glass fabric ensure a long last guarantee! Though the sofa table provides only one shelf, it is enough spacious space. But the sofa console table provides just a shelf which has upset some clients. Moreover, the table is not convenient for a home with little kiddo and dirty hands!

10) Barb Small Console Table

The Barb Small Console Table is the tiniest table on our list! The 10.75 x 37.25 x 29 inches rustic console table itself is a showpiece to decorate one’s living room. The tiny table is perfect for adjusting in a narrow limiter space while being sturdy to hold some pieces of art onto it! The wooden built table provides two shelves at the top and bottom as storage space. The traditional outlook adds a different unique style to any living room. Moreover, one hasn’t to face the hassle of assembling the table as it comes in being assembled and ready to serve you!

Key features:

  • The table is wooden-built, which is more durable than other similar items
  • The modern rustic table provides two shelves and can bear up to 250-300 lbs due to the real wood build-up
  • The tiny table is perfect for narrow space
  • The table comes fully assembled. So, one doesn’t have to face difficulties of table assembling
  • The modern console is perfect as a console and as a sofa table

What’s client say:

According to the customers, the table is nicer beyond one’s imagination! The console has a very pretty gray stain color and well-finished! The sturdy wooden table is perfect for bearing a heavy load with its two shelves despite being its cute size! On the other hand, a few people have criticized the table due to poor craftsmanship, and some have found the table with damaged lumber.

Things to consider before buying the Best console table for the apartment:

There are several things to consider while buying a sofa console table. However, selecting a console table might seem a little confusing. A few basic tips can help you decide on a table that will best suit your motive!

Firstly, decide for which purpose you want to buy a console table. Do you want the console table as a part of the interior? Will the table cover an empty place on a wall? Do you want any additional storage facility with the table? These will ultimately help you to choose the right table for yourself.

If one wants the console table to blend with the existing furnishings, choose one that will match the current room. If one wants to create a visually fascinating focus point, choose a console table in a different style or material from the rest!

If the room is small in size, go for a console table with a lighter color. Because lighter colors tend to make, the space appears vast.

Decide the place where the console table will be placed, then take measurements. It will help one to get an idea of the suitable shape and size of the table. Moreover, it will save one’s time and money in the long run.


• How tall should the console table be behind the sofa?

A sofa console table can reach a height from half of the length to the full length of a sofa set behind a sofa. But make sure the height of the table is not higher than the back of the sofa.

• What do you call a table behind the sofa?

A console table can be placed anywhere in a house, such as the living room, bedroom, entrance, etc. But when it is placed behind a sofa, it is called a sofa table.

• What’s the difference between a console table and a sofa table?

Console tables have a standard height, around 33 inches. One can set them against a wall easily, whereas sofa tables have lower height compared with a console table.

Final verdict:

There is no doubt when you have limited space in the living room, you have to be very picky while choosing furniture for your place. Therefore, one should focus on the pieces of furniture that are multi-dimensional usage, durable, and provide generous storage space. So that the living room looks neither messy nor out of date!

In this case, a multi-functional sofa console table can help one in a big way. These tables will provide one with both spacious storage capacity and multi-functional usage. Considering these facts, we have picked Best Choice Products Rustic Console Sofa Table and BON AUGURE Rustic Console Sofa Table as the best sofa console table for a living room! Because they hold all the quality that a multi-functional sofa console table should have. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, ||| Copyright© 2022 • All Right Reserved.