Best white ladder shelves

White ladder shelves have overcome all limitations of another shelf. It can make a room’s beauty double with the sanctity of white color. White is a color that has a touch of aesthetics and purity into the whole home.

We have made this review guide with the 16 best white ladder shelves; these shelves are best in quality, style and customer popularity. We hope you can choose a beautiful white ladder shelf after reading this review. So, let’s get started.

What is a ladder shelf?

Ladder shelves are the most convenient small size furniture to decorate your drawing, dining, and bathroom with creativity. These are built-in as a handy and easily accessible show rack. Ladder shelve has become the most attractive furniture for any room.

A ladder shelf is a piece of the tool with several shelves. The purpose is to provide one with greater storage capacity. If you have lots of things, and simply need clever but beautiful places to put them, you can use a ladder shelf. It will take little space to fit in but provide you with greater storage capacity. Moreover, the soothing white color will pacify one’s mind!

What are the types of ladder shelves?

There are mainly two types of ladder shelves – leaning or stand-alone.

  • A leaning ladder shelves: This type of ladder can’t stand alone. Therefore, it requires a wall to which it’s attached.
  • The stand-alone ladder shelf: It is created from a step-ladder, and can stand alone.

Top sixteen best white ladder shelves reviews

Finding the right product in the crowd of thousands of false ads is hard. So, for your convenience, we have selected the best 16 ladder shelves based on our experience.

1) kieragrace Modern 5-Tier Wood Ladder

Kieragrace is specially designed as a bookcase. It has up to five white color fascinating shelves. The overall height is offering maximum space to decorate the books. And the vertical taller size is undoubtedly space-saving. Also, know that each shelf can bear up to 10 pounds in weight.

This ladder shelve is made from high-end fiberboard, which provides the best stability. Fiberboard material is of medium density built, so it is quite durable. Besides, the fiberboard finish is very glossier to see. The shelf dimension is 18 “L x 66 “H and 14” W., And the weight is 10.01 pounds.


  • An elegant ladder shelves with leaning staying style
  • It is taller and spacious with up to five shelves provides enough space.
  • It comes with all the necessary mounting tools and hardware.
  • Multifunctional decorative benefits
  • Secure mounting system
  • Looks simple but efficient

  • The shelf is smaller in size.

2) 5-Tier Ladder Bookshelf Organizer with Solid Rubber

Are you looking for a taller unique style bookcase? We would say about this solid rubber ladder shelve. It comes with the sophistication of a polished finish. The whole body is made from a durable rubberwood frame. As it is modern stylish, so it is very space-saving to suit into a small space.

It is such smart that you can set it up into the office room, living room, bedroom, and den. And the shelves are very spacious to display the nice keeps, books, and awards.

Its dimension is 14.02 x 24.84 x 70.07 inches with 11. 58 pounds of weight. The construction material is very durable rubberwood. You will get two colors, like chocolate and white.


  • It is designed for displaying multiple items like books, show-pieces, statues, or flower vases.
  • The design is unique with the wider bottom and descending style.
  • It has a straight back design which saves space from storing and decorating more books.
  • Straight back with the wall provides more space.
  • Best weight-bearing capacity of 25 pounds on each shelf
  • Easy to assemble

  • A fewer customer complains about the rubberwood material.

3) Nathan James Theo 5-Shelf Modern Bookcase

Nathan James is a wonderful ladder bookcase. It is designed with gorgeous metal material and features an on-wall-mounted setup. Hence, it has five shelves in total, and you will wonder that each shelf can bear 55 pounds load. We liked more the unique design of the combination of the golden color pole with white color shelves.


  • A luxurious display ladder shelf with a wall-mounted system
  • The wall-mounted system ensures safety from sudden falls.
  • Best weight-bearing power of each self
  • Highly secure because of the wall-mounted system
  • Very attractive with the golden pole with white shelves
  • Spacious enough to keep the books with the wall

  • It is heavier in weight.
  • It needs to drill into the wall.

4) Zenna Home Ladder

Those looking for ladder shelves in a little normal design for use in the bathroom can see it. This simple and elegant ladder is the best gift from the Zenna home brand. Although it has made especially for bathroom use, you can also use it for the kitchen and bedroom.

This ladder has 11.5 x 13.5 x 49.25 inches measurement, which is only 10 pounds weighted. Good to know the side pole and main shelves both are made of solid wood. And there has only one white color available in this model.


  • It is very space-saving and smart to see in the bathroom.
  • There have four individual shelves to keep the bathing towel and toiletries.
  • Easy setup with only screwdriver and hammer.
  • Smaller and space-saving
  • Durable wooden material

  • It is not suitable for a larger size bathroom.

5) Walker Edison 4 Shelf Simple Modern Wood Ladder shelves

This Walker Edison, 4 Shelf Simple Modern Wood Ladder shelves, are the best white ladder shelves in the durable, stylish, and available market. It is made with top-grade MDF and painted in a stunning finish that makes it fashionable and trendy. At the same time, the feature makes this white ladder shelf sturdy and durable.

So, the shelves can successfully hold up to 50 pounds each. Most importantly, its clean, white finish and simple lines make for a modern and transitional appeal with a sense of style. So, you can enjoy these ladder shelves wherever you want in your home, including the living room, bedroom, and entryway.


  • Built with durable shelving in a ladder frame
  • Construct with high-grade MDF that will display any of your media wonderfully
  • Easy to assemble and step-by-step instructions are available
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Fun and functional

  • Some find a bit smell

6) Haotian Modern ladder bookcase

With an open space design, this Haotian Modern ladder bookcase will provide you with more storage space. Besides, its wooden construction makes the white ladder shelves durable and long-lasting. So, it will allow you to load up to 11.02lbs. On the other hand, this small white ladder shelf design in 4 Tire ladder shelves styles, so you will have more storage space to keep ornaments and books.

At the same time, the feature makes it multi stylish. So, you can use these ladder shelves as a bookshelf, stand shelf, and wall shelf. Most importantly, the manufacturer it with a gloss finish protection. Thus, it will improve the character of the wood and offer you long-lasting service.


  • Design with Safely leans up so it will keep stable on any flat wall or surface
  • Comes in 4 Tire ladder shelves style for more storage space
  • Wooden construction provides durability
  • Enough display spaces
  • Environmental paint
  • Perfect height
  • Affordable prices

  • Difficult to assemble

7) MyGift Vintage White Decorative Ladder shelves

If you are looking for multifunctional white ladder shelves that don’t need any assembly, then you can try this My Gift 4.5-Foot Vintage White Ladder shelves. Especially it’s a 4.5-foot-tall torched wood design towel ladder that comes with a vintage white wood finish. You will have great storage with five sturdy rungs as a drying rack for hand or bath towels, clothing valet.

The best thing about these ladder shelves is it doesn’t require any assembly. So, you can simply move the ladder shelve from one room to another. Finally, its charming rustic look will create an attractive way of storing towels, quilts, and blankets in the room.


  • Comes with a 4.5-foot-tall torched wood design with a classic white wood finish
  • Its five sturdy rungs will provide great storage
  • Construct in wall-leaning design. So, don’t need any assembly
  • Versatile rack
  • Offer a charming rustic look
  • Unique decorative
  • Reasonable price

  • A bit smelly

8) ClosetMaid Wood Ladder Shelf Bookshelves

Are you looking for white ladder shelves that will be especially suitable for books, photo frames, magazines, and then this ClosetMaid Wood Ladder Shelf will be the right option for you? Besides, it is made with Laminate wood and powder-coated steel base material to offer you long-lasting service.

On the other hand, its retro yet modern and simple appeal design makes it perfect for any room of your home even for an office. Even if you are looking for something that can add creativity to the modern style home décor, this distressed white ladder shelf will be the ideal option.


  • Made with laminate wood and powder-coated steel base material that makes it durable and long-lasting
  • Design with a retro yet modern, and simple appeal style
  • Its sleek and slender design will add creativity to the modern style home décor
  • Suitable for books, photo frames,
  • Large storage
  • Durable material
  • Attractive ladder shelf

  • Check every part while receiving

9) Pipishell Industrial Free Standing Ladder Shelf

Pipishell Industrial Ladder Shelf comes in a great combination of compact design and price. Its stylish lines and elegant design make the ladder shelves ideal accent furniture for home, office even for garage. The manufacturer constructs these ladder shelves with a Sturdy black coated iron frame and extra back, so you won’t need to worry about their durability.

Simultaneously, it includes anti-toppling fittings so the ladder shelve can offer better stability and resistance. Most importantly, it is available at a decent price that includes modern wooden look laminate shelves.


  • Stylish lines and elegant design make it eligible to match with most decor themes
  • Made with a sturdy black coated iron frame to boost the durability
  • Its modern wooden look laminate shelves will offer a large area for storage
  • Decent price
  • Steel frame
  • Large area
  • Stylish design

  • Someone received damaged

10) Homfa 5-Tier Industrial Ladder Shelf

This Homfa 5-Tier Industrial Ladder Shelf will be the perfect option for looking for something different. These white ladder shelves come in 5 tier wall mounted shelves that are more than other ladder shelves brand. Besides, it is constructed by top precise craftsmanship, so this white decorative ladder shelf is durable. Most importantly, its grab wall design makes this bookshelf enough strong and stable.

On the contrary, you are allowed to use it for a range of purposes including a plant stand, bathroom cabinet, living room, bedroom, kitchen, and more. Plus, you can keep baskets, towels; toiletries on this ladder shelve easily. However, it’s a bit pricy, but offering the best user experience will feel your worth of investment.


  • Construct with top precise craftsmanship that makes it strong and stable
  • Its 5-tier storage rack will offer the best usage experience
  • Comes in a minimalist design that matches any occasion
  • Multifunctional storage shelf
  • Minimalist design
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Strong metal supports

  • Pricy than other competitors

11) Casual Home 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase

If you are seeking an exciting alternative to your usual rectangular bookcase, try this Casual Home 5-Shelf Ladder Bookcase. Besides, this best ladder bookshelf features gentle slants and right angles to accent your decor placement naturally. At the same time, its five shelves will offer you large storage.

Moreover, its 6-feet of height enclose makes the white ladder shelves ideal for tall displays as it is made with solid wood construction so you will have long-lasting and durable ladder shelves. Lastly, within a reasonable price, these ladder shelves will be a great addition for display books, collectibles, and more.


  • Design with five shelves of retracting lengths to highlight your décor
  • With 6-feet of height enclose it will offer large space for tall displays
  • Solid wood material makes it durable and long-lasting
  • Easy assembly
  • Large storage space
  • Solid wood construction
  • Durable

  • Screw holes too small

12) Lavish Home Wood Display Book Shelf

If you have not enough budget and considering stylish and functional ladder shelves, then this Lavish Home Book Shelf for Living Room will be a suitable option for you. With a lightweight and 5-tier ladder shelf, the products will not only offer you large storage but allow you to move easily.

Besides, the feature will make the rearrangement process painless. The key feature of these ladder bookshelves is it helps organize belongings maintaining a stylish look. The manufacturer made these inexpensive ladder shelves with solid wood construction to increase durability and longevity.


  • Lightweight design makes the rearrangement process painless
  • Solid wood construction help increases durability and longevity
  • Five levels of shelves can hold any decorations in an attractive manner
  • Lightweight yet sturdy
  • Functional and stylish
  • Great decor items
  • Inexpensive

  • Don’t come with instruction

13) Tribesigns Vintage Industrial Style 5-Tier Bookshelf

If you have a healthy pocket and looking for ladder shelves with extra-large space, look no further than Tribesigns 5-Tier Bookshelf. It deigns extra high and wide to fulfill your extra storage and display needs. These ladder shelves’ key feature is it made with a solid steel tube support metal to offer reliable durability and stability.

Simultaneously, its E1 class environment protection engineered wood and a smooth line structure black finish make it extremely ready to meet your challenging demands. Most importantly, the manufacturer adds adjustable pads with this ladder wood to avoid the floor from scratching and keep balance. So it will be the perfect solution for both different height and rough ground conditions.


  • Design in large size to offer extra-large storage and display needs
  • Made with a solid steel tube support metal that makes it reliable, durable, and stable
  • Includes adjustable pads to avoid the floor from scratching
  • Multifunctional
  • Nonslip leg pad
  • Stable and durable
  • Extra-large space

  • Pricy than other

14) HOMFA Metal Multifunctional Ladder-Shaped shelves

Are you getting bored with wooden construction ladder shelves? Then this HOMFA Metal 4 Shelf Bookcase is the right option for you. It is specially made with high-quality, sturdy iron material that is durable and non-toxic. So, by getting these ladder shelves at an affordable price, you will not only have sturdy but stylish and gorgeous ladder shelves.

Moreover, its metal trapezoid construction will allow you to load up to 66lbs, much more than other competitors. On the other hand, its adjustable feet design will keep the unit balanced perfectly. Because of the several protection pads, the ladder sleeves won’t leave any scratches on the wall.


  • Its 4-tier open shelving unit will provide ample area
  • Comes with tools and instruction that will make the assembly easy
  • Designed with the ladder shape shelf to increase stability
  • Stylish design
  • 4-Tier storage rack
  • Adjustable feet
  • Affordable price

  • One side is shorter than the other

15) Home Industrial Ladder Shelf

The last pick for the best white ladder shelves in our list is Homfa Industrial Ladder Shelf. It comes with matte black metal frames with vintage chipboard shelves that make it durable and quite stylish. With 5-tier open shelves, these ladder shelves will allow you to maximize the vertical storage space to display more essentials.

Most importantly, the ladder shelves include four protective foot pads to stand stably and protect the floor from scratches. Finally, it is available at a reasonable price that is easy to assemble.


  • Made with matte black metal frames to offer durable and quiet stylish ladder shelves
  • 5-tier open shelves, it will allow maximizing the vertical storage space
  • Solid metal frames and sturdy shelves promise durability and stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Protect the floor from scratches
  • Stable construction
  • Reasonable price
  • Some find one leg is too short

Where to put a ladder shelf?

The ladder shelf is suitable for any room regardless of the room’s type from a living room to a bathroom! Moreover, foldable shelves are convenient for reserve when it is not in use.


  • Put the leaning ladder shelf against a kitchen wall and it becomes an extra pantry area for pots, bowls, cookbooks, and more.
  • One can use a ladder shelf for keeping everyday dishes close at hand.

Living room:

  • One can decorate showpieces on a ladder shelf. The ladder doesn’t take many spaces but will provide huge storage space!
  • The ladder can also make space feel lighter, bigger, and more open
  • It is also useful to use them as bookshelves, to display photos, or even small trees!


Whether the bathroom is large or small, these ladder shelves storage will help one to boost up space and stay organized!

  • One can organize the everyday bathroom items such as soaps, shampoo, and towels on the shelves
  • The ladder shelf will free up one’s bathroom space for easy cleaning while adding a decorative value.

What to consider before buying a best white ladder shelve

Advertising runs on everything at present, so it can be difficult to find the right product. Maybe you have already known about the best ladder shelves’ features, but you need to consider a few special factors before buying a white ladder shelf.

Although a very high-quality material is not required for a ladder shelf, it is recommended to choose the right material. The right material can long-last your ladder shelves. In this, we think the wooden ladder shelves are the best durable. On the other hand, the metal material is stylish and lightweight.

Right size:
Be conscious when you will choose the ladder to shelve size. You have to fall into several hassles if the ladder shelves measurement would be wrong. Maybe you will want to return it, but it will destroy your money and time. As well as to measure the room where you want to set up the ladder shelve. Then the ladder shelve would be suitable for your home.

Since there are several ladder shelves in the market in different price ranges, you have to think about your demand and budget. Otherwise, you may be disappointed when buying ladder shelving. We recommend considering the budget a bit if you have a specific choice because you have to invest in your comfort.

Using purpose:
It is essential to have a pre-plan of how you want to use your ladder shelve. Does it mean you can consider why you want to buy this shelve? You might use it as a bookshelf or as a shoe rack.

Also, think about which room you want to take it. Because depending on the room position, the ladder shelve material would be change. For example, you should choose a metal ladder for drawing or living room. On the other hand, you can pick up a wooden ladder for the bathroom and kitchen or bedroom.

Safety factors:
Firstly, make sure that it is set up properly. Secondly, check out the painting is it harmful or toxic paint. After then be concerned about the weight-bearing capacity of the ladder. That is because the extra weight can cause the ladder’s fallen.


1) How do ladder shelves stay up?

A ladder shelf needs solid support to stay up. For example, there should be a wall so that the ladder shelf can lean behind and stay with great stability.

2) How do you hang a vertical ladder?

If you want to hang the ladder in a vertical position, you need to close the all-side rails first. After then, the side latch should be locked. Now hold the ladder shelve in the upright position with the seat and hang it with the top’s hook.

3) Are ladder desks good?

Truly speaking, ladder shelves could be great for making a home office in a little space. If you would love to create an office environment in your little drawing-room or space, you can use a ladder shelf.


We have tried heart and soul to introduce you to the most unique and high-quality ladder shelves. You can analyze each product individually as per your research.

However, we can ensure you that the above-listed shelves are highly appreciated by the real customer.

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