Best display cabinets for statues

A favorite hobby of a large number of people is collecting various statuses. Regular collections have increased the number of key statuses in your home, and you may want to display them in your drawing room in a beautiful way. It is a better way for you to pick up the best display cabinet for statues.

For your convenience, we are adjusting the names of the top ten cabinets here. These are the results of our long research on several types of cabinets. So, let’s explore the features of all these great status cabinets.

What is a statue display cabinet?

The Statue display cabinet is a specialized cabinet made of transparent glass around the wooden frame to show off the luxurious statues. It is designed with multiple shelves and accurate measurements.

Good to know that a very smaller and larger none cabinet is desirable to display your statues. In this case, you need a perfect size statue cabinet to enrich your statue’s beauty.

Top 11 best display cabinets for statues

The display cabinets are a little different in terms of both design and construction style. It will allow you to gain some difficulties to choose the right cabinet. If you want, you can check this best cabinet list.

1) 3-Shelf Glass Curio Cabinet

Glass Curio is a fabulous addition to the statue cabinet world. It is designed with liner style and an elegant classic look. A transparent glass design around the black color frame further enhances the beauty of this cabinet.

It has three ideal square shape shelves inside the cabinet. The outer structure is made of pinewood and the outer covering, and the inside shelf material is glass. These glasses are such sturdy that it can bear overall 110 lbs. And each shelf can carry 33 lbs. weight. Then the rooftop material is a highly durable particleboard.

The dimension of this 3-shelf glass cabinet is 14.25 x 16.7 x 33.5 inches and 50.38 Pounds. However, you get another taller size cabinet on this model.


It is a standard classic statue cabinet for displayed the medium sizes statue in living and bedroom.


  • Durable construction material is used for whole cabinets like frame, basement, wall, shelf and top roof.
  • It has come with 110 lbs. weight bear power to carry the heavier statues.
  • Luxurious and classical to see the outlook which can decorate your living room.
  • It comes with a warranty for one year from the manufacturing brand.
  • Available in two different sizes allows a user to choose from multiple options.
  • It needs to assemble by yourself, which is a little bit tricky.

2) Small Wall Curio Cabinet

Do you like more a wall curio cabinet than a freestanding cabinet? Then this would be an iconic choice for your home. It is designed as a wall-mounted cabinet and slightly wider than a regular freestanding cabinet.

Wall curio has uniquely come with up to five-shelf, and each is removable and adjustable. So, you can decor the shelf as per your preference. You can choose the distance between the shelf as you like because there are different setup hooks inside the cabinet.

The cabinet dimension is 14.25 x 3.5 x 18.5 inches, and the weight are only 11 pounds. The between two general shelf rows and the inside depth is 2.5″.


It is a lightweight wall-mounted statue cabinet for the bedroom, living room, and open space.


  • A wider size wall-mounted statue display cabinet is made of a glossy white color frame and clear glass shelf.
  • Mirrored Back and Handcrafted front design with solid built beechwood material.
  • It can be mounted with a wall with a metal bracket and a hinged glass door.
  • It comes as a complete assemble cabinet, so you have no more hassle.
  • You can set it up on the wooden wardrobe and tabletop.

  • This cabinet is often unavailable due to the over demand.

3) Wall Mounted Storage Toscano Curio Cabinet

Toscano brand is focused on timeless beauty as well as product quality. Are you looking for almirah-style statue cabinets that provide a smarter appearance? Then Toscano can win your heart with excellent features.

This cabinet gains popularity for the outlook beauty of transparent glass around the three-side wall and shelf. Toscano comes with both freestanding and wall hanging mounted benefits. The construction material is high-end wood with a bright and warm walnut finish.

Toscano’s complete dimension is 19.5 W x 8.5 D x 26 H inches, and its weight is a medium of 18 lbs. The color is warm brown and bright. Luckily, you are getting three different colors into this model like white, black, and brown.


A unique wall cabinet for statues is made with royal cupboard style to accurately suit your living room or master bedroom.


  • Almirah style wall hanging cabinet came with three side glass walls and mirrored back.
  • The hardwood outer frame ensures several years of durability.
  • It looks gorgeous because of using the walnut finish and brown color glass door.
  • Each shelf can bear ten pounds weighted statue.
  • It comes with a freestanding and wall mounting system.

  • It is expensive than another statue cabinet.

4) BOWERY HILL 3 Shelf Glass Curio Cabinet

Bowery Hill 3 is the most common and popular statue cabinet. It is designed with a modern classic with excellent features. You will get a smaller cabinet with an average attachable glass shelf for almost all statures.

After then, this 3-shelf cabinet is made from hardwood pine which can be stable for years. The roof above and the basement of below are made of particle boards. You can decorate several home décor accessories into this cabinet as well as the statues.

It comes with a 14.25 x 16.75 x 33.5 inches dimension and 48 pounds weight. But have to choose only the black color cabinet of only one size.


We recommend this lovely cabinet for versatile uses like statues and home décor accessories.


  • It is featured on the push to open and pull to the closing system.
  • Pinewood construction with a black finish and tempered glass shelf is quite sturdy inbuilt.
  • Magnetic push system door makes easier the user access.
  • Easy access able with the magnetic open and closing door system
  • It doesn’t come with a product warranty.
  • There is only one color and size available.
  • You have to assemble all of the components of this cabinet.

5) Solid Wood Tuscan Style Wall Curio Cabinet

Only Toscano is providing such a wonderful statue cabinet with timeless beauty. Not only for the statues but also, it is a great cabinet for keeping the collectibles, artificial home décor, and books. This cabinet is super durable for solid handcrafted built of beechwood.

The front and two sides are made from hardwood, and the back part is made from high-quality solid wood. But the shelves and walls are made of bright and clean linear glass.

It has a larger size dimension of 26 x 7 x 19.75 inches and 25 pounds weight. The total inside height is 5.25″. Good to know the bottom row is 5.5″, and the top row is 6″ in size. There have brown and white colors also available.


We recommend this cabinet for those who are needed a slightly larger cabinet with solid handcrafted built.


  • A solid wood furniture cabinet comes with five shelves, including the top roof.
  • It is designed to be installed with the wall, and it can stand by itself.
  • A mirrored backside is worked to enrich the beauty of the statue with light reflection.
  • Varieties of color are available in this cabinet.
  • The inside depth is quite enough for putting a large number of statues.
  • No different size varieties are available.

6) Monarch Specialties bookshelf cum cabinet

Are you looking for a stylish bookshelf that will also be good for a statue cabinet? Monarch is one of the coolest cabinets available to date, with many people using it as a bookshelf and cabinet. It looks a little simpler and more stylish with up to 5 shelves. Each shelf material is solid wood with a white color finish.

This cabinet is looking very sleek because of having up to five shelves. Besides, there have polished accents on both side glasses. Moreover, the monarch is an easy to access able cabinet because it has no front closing door.

The overall dimension of monarch Specialties cabinet Specialties is 24 x 12 x 60 inches and the weight is 75 pounds. Solid wood is used to make this cabinet shelf, but the sidewall is made of tempered glasses.


If you need a sleek and stylish bookshelf cabinet, we recommend this monarch specialties bookshelf cum cabinet.


  • A modern bookshelf cum cabinet with up to 5 medium sizes wooden shelf
  • The open front design will allow you to take and keep the accessories easily.
  • Polished side accents make it’s sleeker and smarter.
  • The shelf is very sturdy to bear 25 to 30 lbs. weight.
  • The backside glass panel is good for durability and light reflection.
  • The 60 inches height is very good to divide the shelf into five.

  • It has no color and size varieties.

7) Convenience wall mounted shelf

Are you seeking a unique combination of functions and design for your cabinet? In a word, we would say about this convenience wall-mounted shelf. It is designed with a total of ten shelves where there have three smaller shelves on both sides. And It has four shelves in the middle of the cabinet, each of them is made of black metal.

It is good to know that it is an open shelf with no wall on the side or back. Wonderfully it is suitable for showpieces, statues, and small luxurious decorative things. As well as, this shelf is good as a bookshelf.

This cabinet is super larger than all the other best display cabinets on our list. The whole specification is 47.25 x 11.5 x 52.5 inches, but the weight is 47 pounds because there are no wooden components.


We highly recommend this cabinet for those who love to use fascinating furniture for displaying their statues.


  • A unique cabinet that is designed for versatile use
  • It offers a wide range of space for displaying books, music accessories.
  • Rust preventing stainless steel poles is highly sturdy.
  • Available black and white color
  • Extremely beauty enhancer

  • Only one size is getting into this model.

8) LITTLE TREE 5-Shelf Industrial Style Bookcase

It is an attractive cabinet designed with a tree style. It has five horizontal solid wooden shelves and two Crisscross designed vertical frames of stainless steel at both sides of this cabinet.

The little tree is designed for multiple displaying benefits like books, showpieces, trinkets, and photos. Each of the components is of high quality, sturdy and durable. That is why it is superior for weight-bearing power, good to know the weight-bearing power is up to 600 pounds.

The little tree cabinet dimension is 47.24 x 11.22 x 71.65 inches, and its weight is 75.5 pounds.


It is the best cabinet for overweighted books, statues, and accessories.


  • A unique bookshelf cabinet comes with two vertical poles and five horizontal shelves.
  • The vertical pole is designed with a Crisscross wood pole.
  • Versatile using benefits as the display cabinet, room divider, and storage shelf
  • It is quite durable because of the natural wooden line and metal X frame.
  • Suitable for various purposes
  • Has more carrying capacity

  • You will not get different colors and sizes.

9) Convenience 4 Tier Tower cabinet

Are you looking for a space-saving cabinet for your drawing room? Convenience concepts have made this smaller and cute tower cabinet, thinking about you. It is very stylish with a contemporary design. There have four shelves in this model, and each shelf is made of transparent durable glass.

The construction material is stainless steel and tempered glass. And the steel poles are rust preventing and glossy to look. Also, know that there have no side wall and door because it is an open-style cabinet. You can wonderfully use this cabinet as a side table, coffee table as well as a cabinet.

The dimension of this cabinet is 11.88 x 17.75 x 39 inches and the weight is 20 pounds.


We recommend this cabinet for a smaller living room to display the attractive statues.


  • The smaller size makes your living room wider, spacious, and inviting.
  • The lightweight feature will allow you to move it from several places.
  • It is designed for long-activity with durable tempered glass and steel poles.
  • Assembly and disassembly can be done in a very short time.
  • Smaller in size can be set anywhere.
  • It is portable to change the place inside the home.

  • The only cons of this are that you have to bring it home and assemble it.

10) Ikea Detolf Glass Curio Display Cabinet

Ikea curio cabinet is best when you have a little space but needed to display huge statues. It is designed with a unique height which has not come with another casual statue cabinet. High-quality particles board are used on their top and bottom shelves. So, you can use the top and bottom roughly for displaying heavier weight.

For example, this cabinet would be great for showing off glassware, showpieces, or medium-sized beauty accessories. Simultaneously, Ikea is best for light reflection as it is made all around the glasses.

This elegant cabinet is available in 65 x 2.6 x 15.4 inches dimension and 75 pounds weight. Also, this model has come in two different colors, white and black-brown.


If you have a good amount of displaying accessories and have a little space to set up a cabinet, then we highly recommend this cabinet.


  • A square shape taller cabinet is for decorative accessories, statues,s and artificial showpieces.
  • Tempered glass with stainless steel is built to provide long-term durability.
  • Light including system allows the user to brighten this display cabinet.
  • Secure for the child and kids because they can’t touch the higher shelve
  • Convenient for every little corner or open space

  • It isn’t easy to access for people under4 feet in length.

11) Home vol Bookshelf

Home vol is the standard cabinet for displaying the favorite books. However, you can also use this for home decoration with statues. It is durably built with solid wood and steel frame.

This cabinet has enough space on each shelf, the height distance between each shelf is 13.4″. A larger space is suitable for displaying the home decorations, artificial or indoor plants.

Moreover, Ikea provides the best stability because of the iron bracket and particles. Besides, there have

The overall measurement is 39 x 13 x 7.9 inches, and the total weight is 75 pounds. Two styles are available in this model. So, anyone can pick up the four shelve or five shelves.


Ikea cabinet is a great combination of fashion and function with great stability.


  • Very stable for load carrying with 75 pounds for each shelf
  • It looks pretty with a modern contemporary design.
  • An open-door system makes the access task easier.
  • It is convenient for medium display size heavier accessories.
  • Veri spacious cabinet
  • It can bear a heavier load.
  • Wooden material shelf and steel pole both are durable.

  • This a bit expensive

An extensive guide on the best display cabinet for statues

It is essential to think about some buying factors when buying cabinets to decorate a statue. Otherwise, your entire investment may fail. From our experience, we are going to tell you a few things to consider today.

Display cabinets are always placed in the living space and a visible place to the guests. And that’s why the beauty of your display cabinet is a big deal. Because the cabinet is ugly to look at, you can’t see your luxurious statues’ real beauty. So, keep an eye on the beauty of the cabinet selection.

Cabinet size:
One thing to never forget is that the perfect size cabinet is a must need to decorate the statue. Very small size is as incongruous as a very large size. So, we recommend taking an average map of all your statues before buying a cabinet.

Cabinet weight:
Many people don’t give importance to the cabinet weight, but it is very important, especially when you change the house or change the cabinet placement. In this case, try to choose a medium-weighted cabinet. Don’t go for a heavier one.

Internal space:
Another important issue is the interior space of the cabinet. It is better to buy a cabinet as the interior space is quite large because your status will gradually increase without decreasing.

Several shelves:
Although the number of shelves depends on your needs, would we say that more shelves mean more chances to put your statues? You will get available 4 to 6 shelves with larger space.

There have several materials for display cabinets. But the most common material is tempered glass. Besides, many are using acrylic display cases for statues. It is good to know that almost all cabinet has come with some tempered glass parts. The glasses are generally used as a shelf. However, there have a lot of cabinets built with solid wood. Good to know that, maximum cabinet frame is made from stainless steel.

Weight-bearing capacity:
You must have several weighted statues to display. So, it is quite important to pick up a cabinet that has the best weight-bearing capacity. It will allow you to display the average heavier statues and accessories.

Mounted system:
Display cabinets are of two mounted systems, a wall hanging mounting system, and a freestanding system. In this case, your preference is much important than our suggestion. It would depend on your living space and wall position.

Price and warranty:
In the case of a good product, a little bit higher price is not a big deal. However, the average price of a good statue’s cabinet starts from more than 50$, and it may go up to 1000$. You can get several reasonable and expensive cabinets.


1) What is a display cabinet called?

A display cabinet is a showcase and display case made from tempered glass or solid wood with a stainless-steel frame. The casual display cabinets are made from solid wood, but the luxurious cabinets are made from tempered glass with steel poles.

2) Is a general cabinet can be used for displaying my statues?

Yes, you can use a regular display cabinet to display the statues. But there may have some problems in size, weight, and appearance. Because, a statue cabinet is specially designed with the perfect size, weight, and external beauty which you won’t found in a casual cabinet.

3) Can I use my statues display cabinets for displaying another thing?

Yes, you can use a display cabinet for another purpose like a bookshelf or showcase. But keep in mind not to put the overweigh on the statue display shelf.

4) Wall-mounted or freestanding which display would be good?

Wall-mounted and freestanding both cabinets are quite good and stylish. But many people think wall-mounted is more secure than freestanding. But the demand for the freestanding cabinet is not less than a wall-mounted cabinet. So, you can go with one style as per your preference.

Final Words:

We have finished this display cabinet guide here. You will get all the crucial factors about a statue display cabinet as well as the top 11 best display cabinets for your favorite statues. Each cabinet is specially made to think about the statue’s lover.

Also, there has an extensive buying guide to help you in buying. We suggest reading one more time to understand the buying factors correctly. If you have any other questions about the display cabinet, then let us know. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, ||| Copyright© 2022 • All Right Reserved.