10 Best office storage cabinet in 2021 | For commercial use

Which is the best office storage cabinet? Is it spacious? Can I keep my all-office essentials and potential file protected on it? Are you looking for those questions answer? Then this guide is for you.

Office storage cabinets are such an important thing that not only allow to keep all the documents and files in the right place for further use but keep them protected for years. Simultaneously, there are stylish and trendy in look. Thus, it boosts the office décor as well.

Today we come out with the five best office storage cabinets are chosen base on deep research to ensure the best buy within a short time.

What is an office storage cabinet?

An office storage cabinet is a piece of highly convenient furniture to store all kinds of office files, documents, and smaller items. It has come with varieties of designs, sizes, and features. This can save the office floor space and keep the office highly organized.


Although there is a lot of cabinet style in the market, you will get the most popular cabinet storage types. Here are these in short.

  • Vertical file cabinets.
  • Mobile file cabinets.
  • Flat file storage cabinets.

Vertical file cabinets:
A vertical file cabinet is specially designed to store various office files and documents in a vertical position.

Mobile file cabinets:
It is primarily a rack system cabinet that is using for making spacious office file storage.

Flat file storage cabinets:
Flat file storage is made with some smaller cabinets and one larger cabinet combination. It is designed to store both smaller items and larger files in the individual cabinet.

Our top picks

Best for large space- Sauder White finish Storage cabinet
With extra height and width, plenty of compartment, and environmentally friendly material, it offers extra storage space.

Best for kitchen room- Sauder Cherry finish Miscellaneous Storage Cabinet
Lightweight design, Recycled Material, and four adjustable shelves will be the most suitable option to keep stash clothes, blankets, and pantry items.

Best overall- Winsome White Wood Halifax Storage
Expanded multi-drawer storage, sturdy composite wood, and reasonable price make the cabinet the overall best option to choose from.

Best for small spaces- Lorell Black 2-Drawer File Cabinet
Small in dimension, a Two-drawer vertical file cabinet, and steel construction will be the right option for small space.

Best budget- Monarch White Hollow-Core 3 Cabinet
Multifunctional, easy rotation ability, three spacious storage cabinets, and Modern white finish- nothing can beat its price.

Best for home use-Winsome Halifax five-drawer
Easy opening and closing handle, white color finish, larger space, convenient size.

Best for height-Winsome Halifax best height cabinet
Convenient with a maximum height, elegant black color, larger drawer space, Wheel based installation

Best for unique design- Winsome Wood Halifax 26” Storage
Unique design, versatile storage system, long-lasting, easy to access

Best for office use- DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet
Unique style, wheel system basement, great weight-bearing capacity.

Best for Bedroom- WLIVE 3 Drawer Dresser
Door and gliding system drawer, frame-based installation, convenient handle.

Best office storage cabinet’s reviews

Every branded office storage cabinets come in a different size, shape, and storage. Besides, some are made from Wood while others from steel and plastic. We reviewed the best cabinet in the market that Are equally suitable for office, home, or other commercial use. So before investing money, let’s consider the list so you can have the most stylish and long-lasting one to boost your both home and office décor.

1. Sauder White finish Storage cabinet

Introducing the practical and stunning-looking storage cabinet from the Sauder brand. It is 40″ W x 19.5″ D x 71″ H in dimension with 150 lbs. weight. Simultaneously, the best office storage cabinets feature a garment rod and a fixed shelf behind its full-length door, two easy-to-access sliding drawers, and one fixed and one adjustable shelf behind the upper door.

Also, it means you will have a lot of storage to keep your office or home essentials. With a sleek white finish and panel doors and sides, these office storage ideas will also boost your home décor. The manufacturer also made these extra-large storage cabinets with high-quality engineered Wood, making them environmentally friendly.

Key features:

  • Safety tested stability that will help reduce tip-over accidents
  • Made from environmentally friendly engineered Wood to ensure longevity
  • With a sleek White finish and detailed frame design, the cabinet will match with any home and office décor
  • Includes two easy-to-access sliding drawers and one fixed and one adjustable the upper door to offer extra space
  • Don’t have any fabric
  • Environmentally friendly material
  • Sleek White finish
  • Sturdy design

  • A bit pricy than other

2. Sauder Cherry finish Miscellaneous Storage Cabinet

This Sauder Miscellaneous Storage Cabinet is specially designed for extra space. With 16.02″ W x 29.61″ D x 71.5″ H and 50 lbs. weight, it offers room for all stuff. Besides, the cabinet has four adjustable shelves and a full-width upper shelf, so you will have ample space to keep your stash clothes, blankets, pantry items. Even it will be a suitable option to keep a large number of office files and documentaries.

On the other hand, these office storage cabinets with doors come with dark Cinnamon Cherry and detailed with frame. So, people love to have it in the kitchen, basement, and garage or office storage. Especially manufacturer made these home office storage cabinets from Recycled Material that makes it durable and sturdy.

Key features:

  • It includes four adjustable shelves and a full-width upper shelf to offer extra storage space
  • With a dark Cinnamon Cherry finish, these office storage cabinets will boost both home and office décor
  • Made from Recycled Material to offer long-lasting service
  • Super easy to assemble, and every part are clearly labeled
  • Offer extra storage
  • Durable material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ready to boost both home and office décor

  • Some find it flimsy

3. Winsome White Wood Halifax Storage

Looking for the strongest cabinet for your office use? Let’s try this Winsome Wood Halifax Storage. Especially it is made of sturdy composite wood, which makes it the strongest in the class. So, you would hardly think of the replacement. At the same time, it features expanded multi-drawer storage. With five drawers and a two-compartment cabinet, you won’t need to concern about the storage area.

Plus, you can easily keep all your necessities. Most importantly, all compartments are easily accessible with cut-out handles. Even you can lock down the casters to keep the unit in place. The dimension of these office storage shelves is 26. 3 “H x 30. 71 “W x 15 and 58.4 pounds in weight. Finally, it is available at a reasonable price to serve you last.

Key features:

  • Made from sturdy composite Wood to ensure years of use
  • With a clean white finish and exceptional design, this cabinet will brighten any space
  • Allow to Pair the wide cabinet with the Halifax High cabinet to get extra storage
  • Includes 5 Drawers plus a 2-compartment cabinet, which makes it suitable for office, college dorm, or playroom use
  • Construct from sturdy composite wood
  • Easily accessible with cut-out handles
  • Allow to lock down the casters
  • Reasonable price

  • A bit hard to assemble

4. Lorell Black 2-Drawer File Cabinet

With 18 x 14.25 x 24.5 inches in dimension and 19 Pounds weight, this Lorell File Cabinet will be the right option for small storage office use. It is designed with two file drawers with smooth-glide suspension, which won’t take much space but keep the file and document securely. Moreover, you can lock the drawer to ensure the security of your letter-size files.

The best part of this office storage cabinet is made from Durable and strong steel construction with a baked enamel finish. So, you will have a heavy-duty cabinet that promises years of use even at an affordable price. Finally, 18″ depth makes these metal office storage cabinets mostly suitable for office configuration.

Key features:

  • Perfect-sized filing solution for home and office use to keep the file in place
  • Includes Full high-side drawers and hanging file folders to keep the letter-size file
  • Allow locking both drawers to keep the file securely
  • Made from durable steel construction with a baked enamel finish that makes it a long-lasting option.
  • Affordable solution
  • Won’t take much space
  • Steel construction
  • Plenty of space

  • Lightweight cabinet

5. Monarch White Hollow-Core 3 Cabinet

Last, we have Monarch Specialties White Hollow-Core 3 Cabinet. With a Modern white finish and three spacious storage cabinets, this cabinet is available at a decent price. Besides, its dimension is 18 x 19 x 26 inches, and its weight is 44 Pounds. So, it will be a perfectly fitted option for any office décor. Most importantly, you can easily combine this cabinet with a white hollow-core desk.

The best part of these nice storage cabinets is using to display a lamp, printer, or other decorative items. Thus, it will be a multifunctional option to securely keep all the necessary office files without wasting any space.

Key features:

  • It comes with a Modern white finish to boost the home and office décor
  • Includes three spacious storage cabinets to offer enough storage
  • Design with Stylish chrome metal accents that will allow rotating and transporting easily
  • Made from top class wooden material for longevity
  • Modern white finish
  • Allow creating more storage
  • Affordable price
  • Stylish chrome metal accents

  • Some find it difficult to put together

6) Winsome Halifax Storage

Winsome is a great convenient storage cabinet for the home. First of all, it is a square shape cabinet with five larger storage boxes. And the whole cabinet is designed with a simple but elegant look. At the same time, it looks very smart and eye-catching for white color sanctity. Moreover, the drawer opening and closing are easier because of the convenient system.

This cabinet’s assembled dimension is 19.21″ x 15.98″ x 26.3″ in respective width, depth, and height. So, you will get white and black colors in this model. It has made from wood composite and hardwood frame.

Key Features:

  • Transitional cabinet style provides larger space, a clean line, and a smart look.
  • It is designed with five drawers to stand on wheels, which can save your room space.
  • The rectangular shape provides a modern appearance with pull hardware.
  • Winsome is compatible with home, office, and an item of bedroom furniture.
  • Convenient size will allow you to set it up under the office desk.
  • It will give maximum storage space and save room space.
  • The assemble is easier because the drawers are lightweight.

  • You have to assemble this cabinet by yourself.

7) Winsome Halifax Storage with five drawers

If you need the maximum height cabinet for your office or home, you would think about the winsome Halifax storage cabinet. Although Halifax has produced a lot of storage cabinets, this is the best for height. Due to the 35 inches height, each drawer provides huge space for larger files and accessories. If you consider only the ideal height, then you will be pleased.

The complete dimension is assembled condition is 19.21″W x 15.98″D x 35.35″H, and the weight is very convenient to move from one place to another. Moreover, this winsome is made from an engineered wood frame and drawer. Good to know that engineered wood is long-last for several years.

Key Features: 

  • The elegant black color finish will enhance the beauty of the room
  • The standard height provides enough space in each drawer
  • It is very durable with engineered wood drawer and frame material
  • Multi drawer function
  • Smart to look in modern appearance
  • Easy to access

  • It has no available color without black

8) Winsome Wood Halifax 26” Storage

Another praiseworthy storage cabinet from winsome is wood Halifax. Winsome is producing innovative wooden furniture since 1977, and wood Halifax is one of those. This cabinet is respectively convenient, unique, and affordable. Wood Halifax is the best organizational storage for varieties of use like office, home, kitchen, and kid’s room.

Hence, this cabinet has two types of storage system which is convenient and unique. The complete measurement is 15.98 x 30.71 x 26.3 inches, and the weight is 59.7 Pounds. The black color finish makes it more gorgeous.

Key Features:

  • Engineered Wood and black finish construction are promising durabilities.
  • It has five gliding drawers with two-compartment system storage.
  • The cut-out handle design ensures an easier and safer opening and closing.
  • It is designed with wheels, which increases user accessibility.
  • The wider drawer has maximum space and makes this cabinet smarter.
  • Individual drawer and cabinet for smaller and larger files and documents.
  • Convenient to store the things in a vertical and horizontal position
  • Durable construction with hardwood

  • It is available in only one black color.

9) DEVAISE 3-Drawer Wood File Cabinet

DEV AISE is specially designed for office use. It comes with a luxurious appearance and enough storage space for files, documents, and smaller important things like a pen drive. One part of this cabinet is completely open in design, and another part has three drawers. And there has two similar size drawers and one different size drawer. As like another cabinet, this cabinet also comes with a stand on wheels system.

It is essential to know first the dimension of DEV AISE is 32 x 16 x 26 inches. This cabinet is 56.5 pounds, but it can hold up to 150 pounds weight-bearing capacity. It is available in grey oak and black color. The construction is of hardwood.

Key Features:

  • A stylish office storage cabinet comes with multiple functions and features.
  • Due to the one-sided opening system, it is easily access able for office.
  • It has come in a convenient size, so it is easier to keep it anywhere.
  • Due to the wheels-based design, you can easily move it from one place to another.
  • The top space of this cabinet is wider, which is convenient to keep the printer and scanner.
  • It has a smaller and larger drawer to keep large and small things.
  • The bottom drawer is quite convenient for keeping the a4 size letter.
  • The rolling wheels system ensures easier movement.

  • This product has not compliant with the customer.

10) WLIVE 3 Drawer Dresser

WLIVE is a specialized drawer cabinet for the living room and bedroom. It has a one-sided door system cabinet and three gliding system drawers. The stylish appearance and multipurpose using benefits can make your life delicate. Although there is no wheel for installation, the basement has two flat frames, keeping this cabinet stable. Moreover, the handle of each drawer is convenient to open and close.

The overall measurement of WLIVE cabinet is 31.4 x 16.3 x 22.8 inches, and the weight are 59.9 pounds. It comes with eye-catching and elegant natural oak, and rustic brown color is available in this model. This cabinet is good for durability because the construction material is of steel frame and wooden front part.

Key Features:

  • A highly durable cabinet is suitable for the home and living room.
  • Wider drawer size provides enough space with two drawer system.
  • Chic matte black finish with rustic Wood provides an elegant beauty.
  • The side frame of the drawer and handle ensure a smooth opening.
  • Soft-closing hinges are good for noise-free opening and closing.
  • Meta frame basement ensures easy installation.
  • Convenient handle for quick and easy opening
  • The soft closing hinge system provides a silent closing.

  • The movement is a bit tricky because it has no wheels at the bottom.

What are the considering things before buying the best office storage cabinet?

We have researched office cabinet storage and figure out some special considerations to work to get the best office cabinet magically. We can ensure you will get benefitted from this buying guide.

Not all storage cabinets will not adjustable with your need. But there has some adjustable cabinet which is best compatible for several sizes of accessories. If you want to store a large type of furniture, take an adjustable cabinet.

Closed or Open Design:
You will find varieties of cabinet designs like open, closed, and mixed of open-closed design. A closed design means you can hide all the accessories behind the door with a security lock. An open design means the cabinet shelves without a door or any security lock. The open door cabinet looks slightly like a bookcase, which is more aesthetic than a closed door.

Ease of Assembly:
Most of the cabinet comes as a half assemble from the manufacturer. Fully assembled cabinets do not usually come from the market. So, in the case of assembly, you have to suffer a bit. So, we say follow the instruction guide to do the assembly. As well as pick up a cabinet with easy user access.

Floor Space & Overall Size:
Before choosing a storage cabinet, you need to consider your room or office space. If you will make any wrong to choose the right cabinet size, then your investment will go through the waste.

The number of Tiers/Shelves:
Each cabinet comes with a different number of drawers and shelves. If you need to store many files with a larger size, then a removable cabinet would be best for you. It will depend on your demand. However, a larger office unit must need a cabinet with four or five shelves. On the other hand, the small unit needs two or three shelves cabinet.

Always try to choose the best material for an office or home storage cabinet. The garage storage cabinet is generally made of steel so that it can stand out in adverse weather. On the other hand, the home and office use cabinet is made of solid and engineered wood.


What is a storage cabinet?

The storage cabinet is superior furniture to store the accessories which we frequently use. It would be made of steel, wood, or hardboard. The storage cabinet is very compatible in the living room, drawing room, kitchen, office, and closets.

What is a free-standing cabinet?

The free-standing cabinet can stand freely without a wall or back support. It might have a wheel basement or frame basement. Generally, a free-standing cabinet has a long horizontal cabinet which has not traditional hinged doors.

Should all the cabinets in your house match?

It is good to obey the same guideline for all the cabinets in your house. It is also applicable to all countertops because of, similar design, color, and finish. However, there are no mandatory rules to match all of the cabinets, but it is essential to have a luxurious appearance.

How to choose an office cabinet?

First, you have to think about the office space. The cabinet size must match the office space. Then you have to see the drawer of the cabinet and how many things you can keep. Now it’s time to see the cabinet design, if the cabinet design matches your office, buy it now.

Final words:

These best office storage cabinets are different in their style, design, and spaces. So, ensure that you are choosing with your preferred specs and office décor. Thus, whatever you choose from the list will boost the beauty of the room and keep essentials protected. However, you can go for your own decision, but our top picks are Winsome White Wood Halifax Storage, Monarch White Hollow-Core 3 Cabinet, and Sauder White finishes Storage cabinet.