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Hey friends, are you facing space issues? Then we have come with the right solution for you. The storage trunk is an ideal fitment in your college dorm room.

People used the traditional storage trunk to keep stuff. Usually, they were made of wood or metal, but they don’t look attractive. Today, furniture-making brands produce high-quality storage trunks for the best storage solution and stylish color and functionality.

If you want to keep your college stuff safe and secure, you must have one. Whether you are camping outside or performing in a sports competition, the trunk will help protect your essential things.

So we have a collection of the 10 best storage trunks for college. Our top picks are suitable for your college needs. If you are in a hurry, quickly check the top picks, and we have also added an FAQ for the best choice.

Is the storage trunk worth it?

A storage trunk is a useful addition to your college dorm room. It helps to keep things organized and safe. For outdoor camping, you can go with it and keep the necessary things. A trunk is built to last, so after the college session, it also can be a nice end table in a bedroom or living room. So we can say that buying a storage stand is worth the money.

What are the types of storage trunks?

In this modern age, things are getting advanced and functional. So as the storage trunk, there are many types that are modified as a result of traditional storage trunks. Here are the top three types of storage trunk:

1. Plywood trunks: these trunks are made of industrial plywood and secured with metal hardware. They have a padlock system or number pass lock.

2. Plastic trunks: The plastic-made storage truck is also used for keeping the garage gear or tools.

3. Wardrobe trunks: The most popular type is the sofa or wardrobe trunk that has versatile usage. It can be used as a sitting stand and also store stuff.

Our top picks

There are several brands and models in the market. Obviously, it is confusing to choose the best. We have selected the 10 top products that are famous among the users and gave so many positive reviews on them. So you can check these reliable storage trunks for your college usage.

Best for large capacity: Seward College Trunk offers ample storage capacity along with safety and protection.

Best for versatility: C&N Footlockers UnderGrad Storage Trunk is used for multi-purposes such as summer camp, nightstand, or stand-on-ladder.

Best overall: Seward Trunk Rover comes at an affordable price, and the features, durability is impressive.

Best for durability: Rhino Trunk and Case is made for heavy-duty and college student usage. The trunk’s durability is exceptional.

Best for design: Sorbus Storage Bench Chest with Drawers has a standard functional design with a gray color finish.

Best for low budget: Sterilite Footlocker is solidly built and lightweight. The price will fit in low-budget consumers.

Best for portability: SereneLife Locking Storage Container has a compact shape, yet it can store a lot of items.

Best ottoman bench: SONGMICS Folding Storage Ottoman Bench can use as a sofa and helps to organize things.

Best for heavy-duty: SecureOnCampus College Dorm Storage Trunks keep away the insects, moisture, and damage. It can be lifted easily.

Best for functionality: SONGMICS Folding storage ottoman bench has ample storage capacity. It can be foldable and assembled for the best usage.

Top 10 Best Storage Trunks review for College

We choose our top 10 best storage trunks according to their quality and durability. These trunks have versatile benefits like you can use them for storage or use the top for sitting or keeping necessary small stuff. So if you buy from these choices, it will be worth every penny.

1. Seward College Trunk

If you are looking for a large storage trunk for summer camp or dorm dwellers, then the Seward trunk is the best for you. It is durable as well as high capacitive with a size of 13 x 17 x 31 inches (LxWxH). This rectangular-shaped trunk comes in blue color with 18 pounds of weight. More three different colors are available like black, orange and pink.

The trunk is made of ¼” engineered wooden construction that makes it super strong. On the top, there is heavy gauge vinyl covering and nickel-plated hardware. You can protect your college stuff with dust and moisture-locked trunks.

You can easily use and lock the trunk. It has an easy-open push-button key lock and additional padlock for ultimate security. This classical trunk looks like a decorative piece of furniture, still offering extra storage.

Key Features

  • Made of engineered wooden construction.
  • Large capacity.
  • Dual lock-down system.

What customers say

The Seward trunk is very attractive and offers ample storage. They can store the necessary things with security and protection. It is very easy to clean the vinyl exterior and interior.

Some customers complained that they received faulty products, and it may happen because of packaging.

2. C&N Footlockers UnderGrad Storage Trunk

C&N produces quality footlocker trunks that are durable and can be used for versatile purposes. This truck is suitable for college students who usually go to summer camp or dorm rooms. You can also use it as a nightstand or coffee table. The dimension is 32 x 18 x 16.5 inches, where you can store 150 pounds.

This UnderGrade trunk is available in 18 colors, and you can choose as you need. It’s a footlocker trunk with wheels with wide handles for easy carrying wherever you go and can be lifted solo or with someone’s help.

The trunk is durable enough that it lasts for years. The main material is the Birch Plywood with baked-enamel steel and nickel-plated trim around the trunk. As it has water and scratch-resistant features, your stuff will remain safe. The bright side is the company provides lifetime repairing support if there is any damage.

Key Features 

  • Durable trunk with wheels.
  • Equipped strong material for long-lasting.
  • Water and scratch-resistant.

What customer say

At a glance, this trunk looks very attractive and spacious. It offers roomy space for hands-free packing. You can also lock it by the padlocks for more security.

Though the price is a bit high, you will get the value. You will get quality products as you pay.

3. Seward Trunk Rover

Seward trunk Rover is a big storehouse that is suitable for college students, dwellers, or outside camping. It has a 25-gallon storing capacity that is a really ample area to keep all the essential elements. There are durable recessed wheels for moving the trunk here and there.

The trunk’s dimension is 15.75″D x 30″W x 12.25″H, and the weight is 23lbs. The walls are made of engineered wood construction that comes in different colors. The trunk is durable with black high-impact binding with nickel-plated hardware.

While it has no use, you can set the trunk as a decorative table or nightstand. However, it has a push key button key lock for security, and there is a padlock system (sold separately) for ultra protection.

Key Features 

  • Roomy trunk with durable construction.
  • Huge capacity with push key lock protection.
  • Features durable recessed wheels.

What customer say

Many customers give positive reviews about this trunk. The big trunk is perfect for dorm rooms and can easily move. The footlocker system is impressive. The furnished look offers you to use it as a nightstand.

Some customers complain against low build quality.

4. Rhino Trunk and Case

The Rhino trunk is a well-known product that is hand-crafted made in America. It is a high-quality Rhino trunk with wheels that gives you superior storage capacity. This highly protects the stuff from damage and can be used for summer camp, college dorm, or as an end table. You will find the trunk in 12 colors, and the furnished color looks beautiful.

Usually, the box size is 32” L x 18” W x 14” H and weighs 29 pounds. The exterior has Cardura nylon lamination over ⅜ inch. Moreover, heavy-duty nickel-plated steel is used for all the hardware, including the lid hinge. Overall, it is a strong combination of heavy-duty materials.

There are guinea leather handles on each end and removal wheels for moving easily. The tight-fitting steel tongue and groove lid amazingly resist moisture, dirt, and insects. It is made ruggedly so that you can use it for airline shipping. The trunk includes a loop attaching padlock that is easy to use and still secured.

Key Features 

  • Cadura nylon laminated in the exterior.
  • Heavy-duty hardware for intensive usage.
  • Resist moisture, dust, and insects.

What customer say

Rhino is a strong trunk that is suitable for any kind of usage. The lid hinge and leather handles are very strong. The durable construction will last for a lifetime. The advanced rivet technology makes the trunk survive in harsh usage.

As the trunk contains high-quality materials, the price is a bit high. But you will get the right value for the money.

5. Sorbus Storage Bench Chest with Drawers

In the college dorm, a student has many small things to store safely, such as books, pens, colors, file projects, etc. For your multiple needs, the Sobus Storage bench chest is for you. It helps you to keep everything organized. The chest has 6 drawer bins with built-in round handles. The drawers easily slide in and out of the ottoman bench.

The chest is fully cushioned outside so that it can be used as a comfortable bench or footstool. It has a sleek rectangular shape that is suitable for decorating a room or office. The trunk’s measurement is approximately 30” L x 15” W x 15” H. This ancient piece is foldable for easy transport or carrying and you can assemble it without any difficulty. There are no additional tools needed for assembling.

The chest comes in Faux Linen with gray color. The upper lid can be removed and can be used for versatile purposes. It is remarkably strong, and the portable design is top-notch. The chest is a standard replacement of the traditional store box. The style and function are great for smart home decor.

Key Features 

  • Functional, portable, and lightweight design.
  • Great for keeping small stuff or other.
  • The trunk is foldable and the upper lid is removable.

What customer say

The trunk is standard and fits your multiple needs. In the 6 drawers, you can store many things, like clothes, blankets, or other things. The exterior is cushioned as well as durable.

But there is no lock system for security. So if you want to keep precious things, you need to be careful.

6. Sterilite Footlocker

Sterilite is the best footlocker trunk for college students. It comes at an inexpensive price, along with durability and portability. The outside dimension is 31.25 x 17.63 x 13.88 inches and is made with tough plastic elements. This trunk is ideal for reserving camping gear, sports items or clothes, blankets.

If the trunk is loaded with heavy gears, you can haul it smoothly with the rolling wheels and ergonomic handles. Otherwise, use the integrated side handles. The footlocker includes metal hinges and latches for keeping safe the enclosed stuff. Moreover, you can attach a standard-size padlock additionally for more security.

There is an only black color available that is standard. As the trunk is made of plastic, it looks cheap, but the durability is workable. The industrial-grade trunk is ready to load all the stuff. It helps to organize things in a messy room.

Key Features 

  • Ergonomic handles with smooth scrolling wheel system.
  • Durable plastic made.
  • Offers ample storage capacity.

What customers say

The trunk is reliable and solid to keep gear, tools, or camping stuff. It can be utilized as a table or sitting bench. It can be moved easily and is suitable for transporting heavy loads.

The plastic materials seem cheap, and the hinge is also flimsy.

7. SereneLife Locking Storage Container

Serene Life is a popular brand that produces quality college trunks at target. It is a useful container to store clothes, paperwork, gear, and other accessories. Having a dimension of 12.21 L x 16.54 W x 23.63 H inches that can load 21 gallons. It has a portable shape of 10.6 pounds, yet you can store a lot of things.

This storage box has beautiful white and blue combination color. After receiving you can assemble the box easily, no special tools require. The sturdy box effectively protects the element from dirt, moisture, and insects. Moreover, the tough construction will meet your every need. It is suitable for a 100 lb holding capacity.

You can easily carry it with the side panel carry handle grips, and the top hinge helps for lifting. There is 4 digit lock system that looks perfect in the middle of a clean design. You can set the passcode number for the ultimate security of your personal belongings. There is no padlock system, so you don’t have any worry about losing keys.

Key Features

  • User-defined passcode number settings.
  • High capacity in a portable container.
  • Easy to assemble and transport.

What customers say

In a college dorm or camping site, you can keep your stuff organized with the SereneLife container. It is durable, sturdy, and gives protection for the necessary things. The lightweight box is easy to assemble. But you may have lock problems because some reported that it is not reliable.

8. SONGMICS Folding Storage Ottoman Bench

Songmics folding storage ottoman bench comes with your space-saving solution. Usually, a college dorm has space issues. Many students are facing sitting issues and also storing problems. If you purchase this ottomans bench, you can keep all the gear, and it solves the sitting issue. It comes in some standard colors like gray, navy blue, etc. that are amazingly mixed with the other furniture.

The ottoman bench is strongly made with medium-density fiberboard. In the exterior, it is fully covered with fabric, and the upper sitting lid is filled with foam to ensure comfortability. The overall size is 43″L x 15″W x 15″H, where you can load 660lb weight. This is a really huge capacity for a college student to keep things. The main product has only 19.4lb weight.

Along with the college dorm, it is a furnished bench for a clever room area. You can also decor the living room and office room with this alternative. It has a wear-resistant feature, so it will be good for a long time.

Key Features

  • Wear-resistant exterior.
  • The best alternative of a sofa or wardrobe.
  • Comes in standard size and colors.

What customers say

The ottoman bench is ideal for storing enormous stuff in it. The bench contains a famous English model that is standard in every way. You can use it as a sturdy seat for adults or kids. The interior is allocated into two areas with a wooden wall to keep different types of things separately.

The bench can’t move easily as there is no handle or wheels. You need two people for shifting.

9. SONGMICS Folding storage ottoman bench

The Songmics folding storage ottoman bench is perfect for your college dorm room. It offers ample storage capacity, and the interior is divided into two sides that are like two drawers. The up lid can be removed and allows you to keep stuff. The total dimension is 43” L x 15” W x 15” H, and you can fold it into 2.7-inch thickness to keep it aside when not in use.

The bench is made of Engineered wood with a P2 fiberboard frame that is stable and collapsible. The ottoman offers ample storage that can hold up to 660 lb. the bench offers comfortable sitting. The foam cushion lid is great as a comfortable footstool.

There are five colors available light gray, dark gray, brown, beige, and navy blue. All the color is standard and matches well with the other furniture. If you have a space issue in the college dorm, then it will be a great choice.

Key Features 

  • Foldable and strong ottoman bench.
  • Comfortable to sit and easy to use.
  • Store up to 660 lb. in the sections.

What customers say

The ottoman has a very functional design. It can be used easily and as a good solution for space issues. It offers a large storage capacity and keeps foldable not in use.

The price of the bench is a bit high, but the functionality is worth the money.

10. Cottage & Cabin Storage Trunk – 14 Themed Footlockers – 32 x 18 x 13.5 Inches

If you want the best dorm trunk with a lock, then Secureoncampace is the ideal choice for you. The footlocker is available in 18 different colors, and each of them is very attractive. The storage trunk is strong and builds for last. It keeps things safe from moisture and insects. In adventure camp, it will give full protection as it has a waterproof, scratchproof, and dentproof exterior.

The whole trunk is 32″L x 18″W x 14″H and weighs 27lbs. The trunk is made of laminated over 3/8″ Baltic Birch hardwood plywood that is strong enough for long-lasting usage. It can also use as an extra sitting place. The trunk is extremely easy to use and secure enough.

The exterior is equipped with high-impact fiber composite, and all the construction is handcrafted. It is suitable for ultra-heavy duty usage, where the latches, hinges, and hardware feature proprietary zinc-plated steel. On every two sides, there are leather handles with steel grips and removable wheels for hauling easily.

Key Features

  • Equipped with heavy-duty materials.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Features padlock system.

What customers say

The trunk is extremely durable and has a huge capacity that will fully organize your college dorm room. On the top, you can keep other stuff and solve the sitting issues. Keep your stuff safe and secure. The exterior has a furnished color for matching with the furniture.

What you will see when you will buy the best Best Storage Trunks for College?

In order to choose the best product, we have researched the customer’s needs and brought out the ultimate buying guide for you.

  • Design: design is the most important matter to consider. The most common designs are classic and sofa trunks. Both of the trunks have multiple uses. But usually, the wardrobe design has a cushioned lid that can be used as a comfortable sitting bench. The traditional types of trunks are best for transporting and can be used as a nightstand.
  • Size: for a college dorm room, you should choose a standard size that will fit in a compact place. The size should be 30” in length, 15” in Width, and 14” in height. Or if you have ample space in the room, you can choose a bigger one.
  • Materials: consider high-quality materials that make the storage trunk long-lasting. There are many types of material combinations in a storage trunk. The plastic construction is durable for a low budget. Otherwise, the plywood materials also last long and are scratch-resistant. The metal latches and lid ensure the ultimate protection of your enclosed substances.
  • Security: the locking system is a must-issue to consider while you choose the product for college. The padlock system is durable and secure. If you have a habit of losing the keys, you better choose a number pass lock. It allows you to set the number as you desire.
  • Moving facilities: usually, after keeping stuff, the storage trunk becomes heavy and difficult to lift. If the trunk has wheel support, it will be easy for you. Otherwise, many have leather or metal handles for lifting. In this case, you may need two people to move.
  • Other features: if the trunk waterproof, scratch-proof, or dentproof, it will keep away moisture and dust. So check these useful features too.


What Is a Storage Trunk?

The storage trunk is a rectangular-shaped box that is made of plastic, plywood, or various industrial materials. It comes with ample storage capacity, and durable construction offers longer usage. It keeps things safe and protected.

Does price affect performance?

No doubt, price affects the performance. As much you pay, as you get. The high-priced trunk is durable and functional. On the other hand, cheap gives you less performance. So the performance and ability depend on the price.

Are trunks good for college?

College rooms are not usually safe. The trunk is a very useful item to keep your essentials safe, secure, and clean. So you should keep in your list a storage trunk when you intend to shop for a college dorm.

What do you keep in your storage trunks?

Extra items such as paper, pens, pencils, paperclips, post-it notes, staples, etc. are usually kept in the trunk. It is also easy to hide money, perfume, and folded clothes in the trunk.

Final Words

After checking the 10 best storage trunks for college, you must realize which one will be perfect for you. Still, if you need a final push, then you can choose the Seward College Trunk, which is our first pick.

If the first trunk doesn’t fit your wallet, then you can check the Sterilite Footlocker that offers the best quality at an affordable price.

Rest all are also reliable choices for you. So check them out, and one of them will surely fit your budget and demands.

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