The 11 Best outdoor poufs for enhancing home decor

Where can I find the best poufs for my outdoor space? How can I choose the most workable poufs? Can I be able to find them at an affordable price? If you are struggling with these questions, let’s keep an eye on this article. Today I will present the best twelve outdoor poufs to you that will be affordable and compliment your home decoration.

An ottoman pouf is wholesome to add aesthetic beauty to your little outdoor space while spending some precious time with your kith and kin. Most importantly, you can use them both as furniture and a footstool. But their durability depends on their features and usage.

Therefore, I am going to familiarize you with the best twelve outdoor poufs. You will get to know their features, pros, and cons. Moreover, you will get a comprehensive buying guide to attain some ideas about them. Let’s begin our journey!

What is an outdoor pouf

An outdoor pouf is a large, firm cushion that is usually placed on the ground surrounded by other pieces of furniture. They are a versatile accent piece that can be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces. However, outdoor poufs have more advanced features to survive against all weather and are more durable. Moreover, poufs add a stylish outlook to the exterior design of the outdoor space by adding more colors and seating space.

What are the types of poufs based on size

There are three types of poufs based on size: large, medium, and small size pouf. The right size of the pouf is important to balance the room. However, what pouf would be the best suited depends on the room’s size and the furniture size in the room.

Large pouf: An extra-large pouf placed casually around the entertainment unit, such as a coffee table, creates a lavish yet cozy atmosphere that invites people to the conversation. Generally, it is fine to choose extra-large poufs if one has a large room. But keeping a large pouf in a small room will make the room the outdated one.

Medium pouf: if an individual is confused about the right size pouf for his room, it would be wise to choose a medium size pouf. Medium poufs are ideally perfect for adding extra seating to a living area without taking up too much space.

Small pouf: Small room complements small furniture where a small-sized pouf can add a touch of luxury to a modestly decorated room.

What are the benefits of an outdoor pouf?

An ottoman pouf is a wholesome piece for diversified usage! Most importantly, one can use them both as a piece of furniture and a footstool. Some of the benefits of an outdoor pouf may include:

  • It provides comfortable seating
  • A pouf can be used as a footstool, a piece of the snack table
  • A pouf adds a stylish look to the whole outdoor interior
  • They are lightweight and easy to clean
  • Some poufs also offer great storage space

Our top picks

Best Overall: Urban Shop Round Knit Pouf
“It gives a lucrative outlook in the home décor with comfortability”

Best Signature Design: Signature Design Absalom pouf
“It’s a great fit for the kids’ rooms or trendy adult space”

Best weather-resistant: Keter Urban Knit Pouf Ottoman
“The polypropylene construction is suitable in any adverse weather and prevents rusting, exfoliating, and eroding.”

Best trendy pouf: Sweed Valley Casual Pouf
“The two-tone color, light brown and black color palette can be a sparkling beauty in your home decoration!”

Best stylish pouf: BIRDROCK Round pouf
“A super stylish ottoman that accompanies your smaller outdoor space”

Best durable pouf: Patiorama 2 Pieces Assembled Outdoor
“It is one of the best outdoor ottomans when it comes to durability!”

Best cotton pouf: Frenish Décor handknitted cotton ottoman
“It is an outstanding as a small piece of furniture to provide elegance with comfort”

Best Mandala design: Mandala floor cushions seating ottoman
“An impressive choice of an ottoman to brighten the home!”

Best inflatable ottoman: Kozyard Inflatable Stool Ottoman
“This can be your all-time partner while traveling”

Best Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow: Set of 2-22 x 22 Premium Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow
“A premium quality Pillow to relieve you from allergy reaction!”

Best technological fabric: Thgonwid Unstuffed Handmade Suede Pouf
“The beige-colored poufs are sourced with Leath-Aire which is till now the latest technological fabric to give you a soft touch”

Best hand-knitted pouf: Hand Knitted Cable Style Dori Pouf
“This pouf has a cozy cable-knit feel that will add warmth to any room.”

Best Outdoor Poufs Reviews

Here’s our candid review of the best outdoor poufs and why we think they’re an outstanding pick for you. Moreover, you will get to know the pros and cons to attain a comprehensive overview! So that, you can compare and easily pick the perfect one for your outdoor space!

1) Urban Shop Round Knit Pouf

The Urban Shop Round Knit Pouf is our first pick because of the lucrative outlook, handwoven higher quality of the product, and comfortable sitting that matches in any room or space! The material of the 18 x 18 x 15 inches round-shaped pouf is cotton, which provides maximum comfort, while the polyester material retains firmness to longer durability. If you want something which gives a lucrative outlook in the home décor with comfortability, you can check this one!

key features:

  • The 18 x 18 x 15 inches outdoor poufs are super lightweight, only 4pounds!
  • The material of the pouf is cotton, which is convenient to provide a maximum comfortable sittingEach pouf has a weight capacity of up to 225 lbs
  • The stylish pouf can be served as a seating, lounger, or footrest furniture
  • The soft knitted texture is made of polyester to retain firmness

What’s client says:

With these helpful features, almost all pouf clients have praised and satisfied with these stylish poufs. They love the weight capacity of the poufs while being lightweight. They said that these poufs are easy to move and are adjustable in any space for a longer time. Other clients mentioned that the outdoor poufs are super comfortable yet rigid due to the polyester.

But others have said that the poufs are suitable for spot cleaning only which disappointed them. Some also said that the poufs get squishy after using a few months.

2) Signature Design by Ashley Absalom Hemp Pouf

The Absalom Hemp Pouf is a contemporary pouf ottoman that will instantly add style and comfort to any space. This pouf features a soft texture, great for small spaces, while its contemporary shape and neutral color scheme allow this stylish ottoman to blend seamlessly into your home decor.

The Absalom Hemp Pouf is available in multiple colors and Wrapped in a textured hemp cover. The Absalom Hemp Pouf is available in a medium size (16 x 16 inches). This site will match any kind of room or space. Choose from Multicolored shades of hemp to customize your pouf with a unique view.

Key features:

  • COZY TEXTURE – The Absalom Hemp Pouf is wrapped in a textured hemp cover that adds softness and texture to any space.
  • SOFT NEUTRALS – This pouf features a contemporary shape and neutral color scheme, allowing it to blend seamlessly into your home decor.
  • GREAT FOR SMALL SPACES – The Absalom Hemp Pouf is available in multiple colors and Wrapped in a textured hemp cover. The Absalom Hemp Pouf is available in a medium size (16 x 16 inches).

3) Sweed Valley Casual Pouf by Ashley

Natural beauty is always in the craze, and the Sweet Valley pouf proves it! The Sweed Valley Casual Pouf is another trendy pouf of Ashley Furniture. This one is merely different from the previous one. Since this pouf is heavier and blends with a natural and black color rather than being plain colored. The two types of colors; light brown and black color palette can be a sparkling beauty in your home decoration!

Key features:

  • The casual Pouf is appealing to offer a homey touch to one’s room’s décor because of the two-color combination.
  • The polystyrene bead filling is shape-retaining and wrapped in a cotton blend cover
  • The stylish outdoor poufs are anti-rustic
  • A zippered slipcover protects the pouf from all forms of dirt
  • The 17.5” W x 20.25” D x 17.75” H stylish pouf is a great fit for small places

What’s client say:

Most of the Sweet Valley pouf users are extremely happy due to the beautiful color combination, square-shape which is suitable for comfortable seating and foot space. Moreover, the polystyrene bead filling adds volume to the poufs to use it as an end table as well. Besides, the zip cover is washable, which attracts the clients.

While many people who used this pouf were extremely happy with the poufs’ features, budgeted price, and superior quality, a few people were disappointed. Among the most notable complaints, a few people said that the cover is not machine-washable and easily dirty.

4) BIRDROCK HOME Round Pouf Foot Stool Ottoman

If you are seeking out a super stylish ottoman that will serve as the perfect accompaniment to the smaller outdoor furniture, you have found one! The best thing about this round-shaped outdoor pouf is that nothing can beat the BIRDROCK HOME Round Pouf’s remarkable quality because each pouf is hand-knitted by skilled knitters, which offer a unique and high-quality footstool! Moreover, these natural colored poufs are perfect for floor sitting with maximum comfort.

Key features:

  • The stylish poufs are super lightweight, only 6 pounds!
  • Each pouf is hand-knitted by skilled knitters which offer a high-quality product
  • The 19.2 x 19 x 15 inches round poufs are super soft due to braided cotton materials
  • Each ottoman has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 200 lbs
  • The small and compact size of the pouf makes them a great fit for floor sitting

What’s client say:

The name of BIRDROCK HOME Round Pouf is synonymous with higher-quality to their users. Almost all clients praise the durability and quality of the poufs. Some said that these ottomans are just perfect for the living room due to the small and compact size! Moreover, they are easy to move and provides comfortable sitting due to cotton materials.

On the other hand, some clients have placed dissatisfied since these poufs are not machine washable, only suitable for spot cleaning. Besides, the natural pouf does not offer any zipper to fill with more beads if needed.

5) The Patiorama 2-piece outdoor ottoman

The Patiorama 2 Pieces Assembled Outdoor is one of the best outdoor ottomans when it comes to durability, easy usage! The 15 x 15 x 17 inches outdoor pouf set offers a polyester-built waterproof and UV-resistant cover. The lucrative grey color stylish poufs can bear 150 lbs each. The set is Already Assembled. So that, one can instantly use the outdoor pouf set just after buying!

Key features:

  • The ottoman pouf offers a rigid powder-coated steel frame
  • The frame of the pouf is lightweight, waterproof, UV-resistant resin
  • The outdoor pouf offers a hand-woven weather-resistant PE rattan wicker in Gray
  • The polyester covers over 3-inch cushions are perfect for outdoor patio seating and relaxation
  • The elastic hoop and plastic button prevents the cushion from moving
  • The 2-Pieces Assembled Outdoor set comes with more than 3-inch thick lofty sponge padded cushions

What’s the client say?

Most of the 2 Pieces Assembled Outdoor pouf set users are satisfied since the set is lightweight and holds an attractive design that is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration. They also like the Polyester and UV-resistant materials that offer additional durability. Moreover, the elastic hooks with the cushion, easy usage have added value to the users!

Despite these good sides, many have criticized this pouf set since the cushions aren’t waterproof. They also have complained that the set is vulnerable to chromatic aberration due to different monitors.

6) Frenish Décor handknitted Cotton Ottoman Pouf

This time we have come up with another elegant ottoman brand named Frenish Décor, which is prominent to build up excellent handknitted cotton ottoman. Their 20x20x14 inches dark navy color round ottoman pouf is outstanding as a small piece of furniture to add an aesthetic vibe to the interior! Besides, the material of the pouf is cotton to provide you with maximum comfort. The twisted rope design and its weight-bearing capacity will surely hold one’s attention towards it!

key features:

  • The dark navy color lucrative pouf is cotton knitted with polystyrene foam beads
  • It has a twisted rope design
  • Each ottoman is firm and can hold up to 265-330 lbs which is convenient for adults too
  • The cotton-built pouf is super comfortable to use
  • The ottoman has a multifunctional usage as a footrest, stool, or accent piece.
  • It is hand-woven and soft

What’s client say:

The lion’s share of the users is fond of this hand-knitted cotton ottoman pouf since the ottoman provides an elegant vibe in the indoor with a beautiful twisted rope design! They also like the softness of the pouf which offers not only a comfortable sitting but also a coffee table. Moreover, the pouf is lightweight yet rigid to pamper the adults too!
However, many people commented that the pouf is only for indoor usage. So, they can’t use it as outdoor furniture. Others said that the pouf is too small to hold something on it, which is disappointing.

7) Mandala Cushion Decorative Bohemian Ottoman Poufs

An impressive choice of an ottoman to brighten the home is the Mandala floor cushions seating ottoman. The 32″ inches round floor pouf with beautiful purple-white color will make you get compliments every time! Because this beautiful Mandala floor pillow cover is made of the best quality cotton fabric and blends easily into indoor décor. Besides, it is multifunctional, one can serve this 32-inches large pouf as a seat and a footrest.

Key features:

  • The material of the ottoman pouf is 100% cotton
  • The pouf offers 1 pillow cover only
  • The stylish pouf can be used for sofa, couch, living room, bedrooms, home décor, etc.
  • The 32-inches large pouf is super relaxing to sit on!

User Experiences:

The customers of this mandala cotton pouf appreciate the pouf’s modern design as it gets blended easily with any home décor! Some have said that the pouf comes unstuffed with a zipper underneath. So that, they can choose their stuffing. Moreover, the beautiful pouf offers a gentle hand washing facility!

On the other hand, some have the zipper quality is not up to the mark. It gets easily broken while others have said that these poufs are not great for the kids and dogs. Some people also said that the covers have a smell too, and colors get faded over time.

8) Kozyard Inflatable Stool Ottoman for Indoor or Outdoor

Looking for an outdoor ottoman that is easy to carry along to picnics? Then the Kozyard Inflatable Stool Ottoman will suit you! It is only Kozyard that produces inflatable outdoor ottomans that come with air pumps. This is perfect for babies to making fun of while outdoor. The procedure is also facile:

  • Just use the foot to operate the pump.
  • Place the air nozzle into the air inlet.
  • Inflate the stool.

Moreover, the 13 x 11.4 x 3.9 inches red color outdoor pouf offers a folding facility for greater portability and a PVC handle bag.

Key features:

  • The ottoman stool is inflatable
  • The materials of the stylish poufs are spun poly upholstery fabric and PVC
  • The ottoman pouf has a carrying capacity of 300 pounds
  • The pouf is travel-friendly with a PVC handle bag
  • The outdoor ottoman provides a folding facility for portability
  • The pouf is fade-resistant, water-resistant

What’s the client say?

Kozyard Inflatable Stool Ottoman is immensely popular among its users due to its portability, durability, and lucrative outlook. Its fun canvas design and durability make it perfect for children to use. Besides, the upholstery fabric is easy to clean, maintain. But the most appealing thing to them about this stylish pouf is its easy inflatable features. They can easily inflate the pouf with the stool and use it both as a seat and footstool, making the pouf extremely travel-friendly.

On the other hand, many clients have said that the pouf needs to be refilled after hours of usage, which is quite disturbing.

9) Premium 2-piece Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow

Are you searching for some premium quality Pillow for your sofa couch or bed for lumbar support or just decoration? Then you can check the Premium Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow! The 22″ x 22″ inches white color pouf is Polyester built to retain the shape and firmness. It is also capable of providing maximum comfort since it is sourced with a high-grade fiber filling!. Another best thing about this pouf is that it is hypoallergenic, which means the pillow won’t stir up any allergies to the users!

Key features:

  • The 17.76 x 13.3 x 5.35 inches pillow is lightweight, only 2.73 pounds.
  • The is convenient to retain firmness.
  • A high-grade fiber material offers comfortable usage yet right.
  • The pillow is hypoallergenic and will not cause an allergic reaction.
  • The pillow holds a high-grade fiber filling to provide maximum comfort to the users.
  • The pillow is suitable for indoor usage only.

What’s client say:

Customers of this decorative pillow admire the quality of the pillow comparing with the price. They also like the lightweight, soft features of the square-shaped pillow. These are perfect as couch pillows and are loaded with tons of filling. Moreover, a high-grade fiber filling provides great relaxation! According to them, it is a great deal at an affordable price!
While others mentioned that the pillow does not have any zippers to refill and the filling is thin like airplane pillows. Besides, the corners of the pillow are not properly filled up at all.

10) Thgonwid Handmade Footstool Ottoman

Don’t feel good with those stuffed poufs available in markets? Get this one! The Thgonwid Unstuffed Handmade Suede Pouf comes in unstuffed. Thus, you can fill it up with your preferred materials. It is the most lightweight ottoman poufs on our list, only 1.26 pounds! Therefore, they are super easy to move around the house while the invisible zipper will protect the floor. The round-shaped beige-colored poufs are sourced with Leath-Aire, which is the latest technological fabric to give you a soft touch!

Key features:

  • The poufs are shipped unstuffed
  • The beige color pouf is lightweight & portable, which is convenient for placing it anywhere
  • The material of the pouf is Leath-Aire, which is the newest fabric till now
  • Thgonwid ottoman is designed to hold 220 lbs
  • The invisible zipper design more conducive to protecting the floor

What’s client say:

The lion’s share of the customer likes this unstuffed handmade suede pouf due to its portable, lightweight feature, making it easy to go material! The round-shaped pouf also delivers outstanding comfort and withstands everyday use. Besides, some also love the opportunity to fill the pouf with preferred filling. Moreover, they said that the zipper is durable and easy to open and close.

While some have said that the ottoman pouf is too small to sit onto it and can look lumpy when stuffed. Others said it is way too squishy to sit on comfortably.

11) COTTON CRAFT Hand Knitted Dori Pouf

Last but not the least, the hand-knitted cable style Dori pouf is our last pick for the best outdoor poufs. With a cover made from hand-knitted 100% cotton cord, this pouf has a cozy cable-knit feel that will add warmth to any room. At 20” diameter and 14” tall, it is an average-sized ottoman that works as a footstool or extra seating. Its compact size gives it a proper fit in a small space and makes an attractive conversation piece in a nook or corner!

Key features:

  • The grey color round-shaped pouf cover is 100% cotton built to provide you a super comfortable usage
  • This hand knitted textured pouf is enduring due to the Polyester filling, which retains the firmness of the poufs
  • The pouf holds an average weight, 5.69 pounds
  • The pouf is suitable for indoor usage only as it is not waterproof

What’s client say:

The maximum client is happy with this pouf as a small piece of furniture that works excellent as a footstool. According to them, the pouf is properly filled up with filling which provides perfect firmness. Moreover, the pouf is non-squishy and the 100% cotton cover provides a scope to have a nice conversation at a corner.

Despite these advantages, many have said that the ottoman pouf has a tendency to roll and gets flattered very quickly. Others mentioned that the pouf tends to leak the filling very fast.

Considerations when choosing best outdoor poufs

Before you go away and purchase the first outdoor poufs, there are several things to consider. Here are some things to look for!

  1. Size: Outdoor poufs don’t have any standard size. However, smaller poufs are between 12 and 16 inches wide, whereas larger ones can be up to 36 inches wide. It is suggested to look for outdoor poufs that allow one to rest both feet on them comfortably.
  2. Shape: Generally, outdoor poufs are round or cylindrical, cube-shaped. Besides this, one can find them in different animal shapes.
  3. Material: There are different types of outdoor poufs available in the markets. Some of them feature plastic/ polyester filling, others feature leather material. We recommend you to use outdoor poufs with plastic/ polyester filling. Because they are water-resistant.
  4. Durability: The weather conditions determine how long one’s outdoor ottoman will last. Different materials are best suited to various weather conditions. For some locations, leather doesn’t do well in dry conditions but excels in wet conditions while plastic poufs are suited for tough weather conditions.


What is the difference between a pouf and an ottoman?

The two mainly differ in appearance. Ottomans are always firmer and less fluffy, whereas poufs are more like oversized pillows. Some ottomans have legs to raise the height a bit more while most poufs sit horizontally on the floor.

Are poufs still in style?

Yes, they are. Because poufs come in a range of styles and fabrics, they are an excellent accent furniture piece to set a mood, complement a room, and are comfortable.

Why is it called a pouf?

A pouf is something that allows one to put the feet. It is a French word, meaning implying something puffed up. So, it is called pouf.

Are outdoor poufs waterproof?

People prefer outdoor poufs more than beanbag chairs. These innovative designs provide a variety of ways to maintain comfort in any situation from the backyard or the beach! Top designs are waterproof. Some outdoor pouf models can be filled with fiber pellets for those warm days and polyester beads for cooler nights. And if you live near saltwater like me? These are also available with UV-resistant coatings to make them more durable.

Final verdict:

When you read this part, I bet you knew all the information to buy yourself the best outdoor poufs! or you can intend to make outdoor poufs for yourself.

Among the twelve products in this article, my top picks are Urban Shop Round Knit Pouf and Keter Urban Knit Pouf Ottoman Set of 2. These products feature everything you need in a standard pouf and are super comfortable, durable.

To sum up, I hope you will find the best outdoor poufs that are suitable for your space and keep gathering beautiful memories! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, ||| Copyright© 2022 • All Right Reserved.