How do I choose an ottoman for a sectional

I was wondering, how do I choose an ottoman for a sectional? If you are thinking the same, rest assured. I did some pretty good research for finding the best ottoman for a sectional matching our different preferences.

Choosing an ottoman could be a little tricky. Because there are some essential aspects, we have to think first before making a decision. We all have different shapes of sofa sectional in our dens or living rooms. A sectional might be the main attraction for your living room. Adding a perfect matching ottoman would increase the charm of your sectional a lot.

In this article, we would discuss straight what to look for when buying an ottoman for sectional. The essential decision points that would let you feel confident when searching for an ottoman in the marketplace. Let’s find out!

Methods of how do I choose an ottoman for a sectional

Depending on how you would use an ottoman for your sectional, ottoman comes in a variety of sizes & shapes. Not only that, its materials & features vary from one another. We have divided three significant sections for selecting an ottoman. These features are deemed necessary for the right ottoman selection.

Ottoman Shapes

Ottomans are available in different shapes. Which shape works excellent with your sofa sectional is entirely up to you.

Round: Round ottomans have versatility into a small frame. This ottoman is perfect for sectional & giving comfort. A round ottoman creates depth in a room from going grid-type design. The round ottoman couch makes a unique look & a commercial focal point for your living room.

Cube & Square: Cube ottomans give a unique look for upholstering furniture if surrounded. A set of square-shaped ottomans with a matching pattern for sectional brings a new decoration for the house. It can be the use of both long patterns or move apart for distributing them among chairs for personal comfort.

Rectangular: Ottomans of rectangular shape gives a modern-day look in the living room. It has the merit of combining with sectional and relaxation. This one takes a fair amount of space but gives a spotlight in the room.

Ottoman materials

Different kinds of materials are used in ottomans. We are discussing all those materials of ottoman. 

Leather: Leather is the most robust among all materials for ottomans. It’s more resistant to tearing, bunching, or staining than other textiles. Not only that, leather has a reputation for giving a comfortable covering for any furniture. A black leathered ottoman might be the perfect choice for sectional if there’s enough space.

Fabric: Fabric is another most used material for ottomans. Fabrics are soft, look good & gives a unique design matching with sectional in the living room. If your sectional features a fabric design, then a fabric ottoman would be the best choice for drawing the attention of the room.

Rattan: Rattan material is popular for indoor & outdoor ottomans. When selecting a rattan ottoman for sectional, it gives an advantage of durability, lightweight also customizability. A few brushes of coloring provide this cover with a new look for ottomans. If appropriately maintained, like occasionally cleaning, keeping away from extreme heat, these rattan ottomans will long last for years.

Memory Foam: In the last ten years, memory foam has become a popular material for ottomans. Its strong points are affordability, unfussy, lightweight & attractiveness. Memory foam is an elastic polyurethane material that can be supported in contact with heat. For those who have foot pain, it’s the right material ottoman for their sectional.

Ottoman Designs

Ottoman designs are another critical factor when selecting for sectional. Some of the essential aspects are – 

Size: Two ways to coordinate an ottoman with your sectional in your living room based on size is preferable. The first one is the ottoman height & the second one is the oversized ottoman. The advantages of a similar-sized ottoman with the sectional seat are everything will be in harmony & it would look decent. But in case if you go for an oversized ottoman, that would draw attention to the ottoman and take some more space. One disadvantage is it would be less comfortable than matching ottoman height for sectional.

Storage: A sofa sectional can be used for various purposes like sleeping, relaxing, a cozy nook, etc. An ottoman with storage would be seriously useful better than your imagination. It can contain blankets or pillows, also a board game, leaving T.V. remotes or a place for your feet. That’s why storage in an ottoman would be beneficial for your sectional.

Colors: A well-chosen colored ottoman would increase not only the beauty of your sectional but also the personality of your room. Matching colored ottoman with sectional gives a good theme for the living room. It’s like representing your choice, taste in design, personality, etc. Monochromic designs give away the right color than traditional themes.

Importance of Ottoman for sectional

Sofa sectional has become a focal point nowadays for a living room or family room. It represents your style of entertainment to others. Whether you spend time on sectional with morning coffee or relax putting your feet on the ottoman, an ottoman has gained importance for your living room with a sofa sectional.
Some important key points of ottomans are –

Ottomans can create a focus point: Ottoman has become an essential asset of the sofa sectional. They give an excellent matching vibrant look with the surrounding furniture. A unique color, good shape, uncommon fabric helps the ottoman to bring out the center attraction of the room.

Multi-functional Ottomans: Nowadays, ottomans have a storage function. As a result, housing toys for kids or remote controls would be helpful for everyone. You are finding storage, decorative furniture & seating options all in one ottoman.

Ottoman over a coffee table: Coffee table or ottoman? Which one would be better for you? There are several merits of the coffee table available. For example, – you were making coffee, eating food, or leaving drinks there. On the contrary, relaxing your feet, soft edges for kids, playing with kids without tension in sectional – is ottomans advantage. Depending on preferences, you can choose one or an ottoman and coffee table in the same room if enough space is available.


What shape of ottoman works best?
Ans – There are round, cube, square & rectangular-shaped ottomans available. It depends on your sectional shape & personal preferences. Ottoman with matching shaped with sectional works best.

Can you sit on an ottoman?
Ans – Yes! Ottoman can be multi-used instead of only decorating. It is strong enough for sitting, but we suggest don’t use it for always sitting life sofa sectional.


Ottomans have gained worldwide acceptance for their beauty & decoration creativity in our homes. After reading this detailed necessary key factors for Ottoman selection, I hope you got the answer of – how do I choose an ottoman for a sectional?

As a result, your sectional functionality would increase dramatically. We prefer choosing
Ottoman for sectional based on interior decoration, room design, adequate space of the room, other pieces of furniture, etc.

Whatever types of ottoman you choose for sectional, you would notice the changes it brings to your living room & mood. Good luck with your finding. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, ||| Copyright© 2022 • All Right Reserved.