How to hide lamp cords on an end table to create a wider space

Getting tired of seeing lamp cords or cables hanging all the time in front of your eye! Thinking of how to hide lamp cords on an end table? I’m here to help you out! Keep reading the article and know all the necessary information in this article!

A lamp cord is an electrical cable that connects an appliance to the mains electricity supply through a wall socket or extension cord. A lamp cord is also known as a power cord or main cable. We know, these lamp cords are essential to make our lives facile and a part and parcel of our lives.

Because, all televisions, computers, printers, and other technologies work via these lamp cords. But if these cords become visible, it lessens the beauty of any interior. On the other hand, people often use an end table to keep these small electronics. If one can tie the cord and hide them by using an end table, the problem can be solved! Still, some may find the process difficult to do.

Therefore, in this article, I will give an overview of how to hide lamp cords on an end table with some easy steps. Without getting further due, let’s begin!

What is a lamp cord?

A lamp cord is a type of ¬conductor, which is an element that conducts electricity. In the case of household wiring, these lamp cords are usually copper or aluminum wire. Most wires in a home are insulated or covered in a non-conductive plastic coating to prevent sudden electricity-caused accidents.

The most common type of power cord in modern homes is in the form of nonmetallic cable, which consists of two or more individual wires wrapped inside a protective plastic sheathing.

What is an end Table?

An end table is wide, fairly narrow, and usually, is placed beside any large piece of furniture or against a wall. The end tables are perfect for narrow spaces like entryways and hallways. They provide a wholesome space for lighting, resting beverages, and storing books. Some end tables are used to holding a TV as well onto it. The ideal height of an end table is typically 30 to 36 inches. However, the end tables are generally square or rectangular, but demi-lunes are also available. Many people think that Nesting End Tables and end table are the same things. But there are many differences between the two. If you look at it very well, it will be clear.

TOP 5 ideas to hide all types of cords on an end table:

Sometimes, one’s fanaticism for electronics makes a living room a jungle of cord! Here I’m going to explain some ideas to hide all types of lamp cords on an end table. One can buy or make a cord cover on his own to hide the lamp cord on the end table and permanently improve the organization of one’s interior!

1. Hook Cords to the Back of an end table:

The easiest way to hide lamp cords is to gather the cords and tie them with Command Cord Clips. Then, one has to silhouette the cords behind the nearest end table from the power socket in order to hide the cords on the end table!

There are different types of Command Cord Clips available on Amazon. One will find them in suitable length while the standard size is 3m.

2. Hide lamp cords through an end table:

If one has an end table with a stand-mounted TV and can do a little crafting, this idea is just for you! Just make a leg at the middle of the back bottom of the end table and then run down the cables in the middle leg at the back of the unit. This setting keeps cables contained in a notch.

3. Hide TV cords in Plain Sight:

If one has wall-mounted television and the dangling cable distracts his vision, then he can use a plastic cord, Concealed Kit. There are different types of cord Concealer Kit available in the market. One just has to tape the cords together and then set them behind the Concealer Kit. Then set the concealer kit on the wall. If one wants, he can color the plastic kit according to the color of the wall to make it a great match! Cover the extra length of cords with the leg of the end table and are done with the hazard of cords!

4. Tuck Cord Chaos into Tubing behind the end table:

If one has too many cords in one space, he can use a cable wrap to make the cords invisible. Just gather the cords and wrap the two-foot-long flexible foam tubing around the wires. Then just fell down the cord tube behind the end table!

5. Slip the cords into a drawer of an end table

It is another impressive idea to hide all types of cords!


  • drill a hole into the back panel of the end table drawer placed near a wall
  • Set the power strip cable through the holes of the end table
  • Use double-sided adhesive to mount the back of the power strip itself to the same drawer panel
  • create a space for each gadget in the drawers of the end table. So that, when one plugs a particular electronic into the power strip, the other electronics don’t lose charges.

How to hide lamp cords on an end table in the middle room

If one’s desk is in the middle room, don’t get upset by thinking that he will not be able to hide the cords! I am going to discuss some easiest ways:

  • Install Floor Electrical Outlets: Installation of a floor electrical outlet is one of the coolest ideas to get rid of the snake of cords! If the floor electrical outlet can be set up, a cord is not a matter of hazard in any way regardless of the room position. It is convenient to install a floor electrical outlet under a piece of furniture such as an end table to make it invisible. Though it is an expensive process, people will never get to know that you have put a floor electrical outlet under an end table!
  • Run the cord along the wall: This is the second-best idea that one can follow. Just cover the cord with cord tape in order to make them invisible or put them beside an end table or any small furniture like that!
  • Use area rug: If one has an area rug on the floor, he can run the cords under the rug. But in this case, make sure, in which side the cord is set; people have less appearance in that part. For instance, the place under an end table since people will not walk there.

How to hide lamp cords on an end table in the living room

Nowadays, people are conscious of the interior of their living room. Most of the time, they prefer to keep the televisions or other electrical appliances on an end table. Because an end table not only adds a classic look to the interior but also helps to disentangle the snake of cord in the living room! Here I’m going to explain some ideas to hide lamp cords on an end table in the living room!

  • A Basket Cord Holder: One can use a basket to hold all the cords of one’s living room! All you have to do is, tie all the cords together with Velcro, and connect them into the basket! One can keep the cute basket on the end table. It will be appearing as a cute showpiece of the living room while hiding the cords!
  • Command Hooks: One can easily hide the cords by using adhesive hooks! One has to gather the cords and attach them behind the end table with that hooks. This way, one will be able to connect an appliance to a plug that’s on the other side of the room.
  • Zip Ties: How about using zip ties behind the end table? This will make everything slightly more organized, and you’ll be able to plug in multiple appliances at the same time.
  • Cable Catch: To resist the cords falling to the floor, use a cable catch in the end table. This way, you’ll avoid additional hazards that can cause if your cords fall to the floor.


• How does one can hide wires on an end table?

There are several ways to hide the lamp cords on an end table. Some may include:
1. USE adhesive hook cords to the back of the end table.
2. Feed wires through an end table that holds TV.
3. Tuck cord chaos into tubing with the leg of an end table.

• How to hide lamp wires without drilling?

While maximum people prefer to hide the cords through wall drilling, it is also possible to hide them without drilling! For instance, one can use Cord Cover Kit. Another way is to, gather all cords and then, conceal them behind any small furniture like an end table.

• How does one hide a lamp cord on an end table?

One can use a cord covering kit in this regard or use small adhesive hooks to connect lamp cords to the back of an end table. As a result, the cords can’t be seen in plain view

Final verdict:

It is not possible to deny that, electrical devices are the most important part of our lives. But it is also a fact that the cords are not pleasant to see! People can easily use their end table to hide the lamp cords! Because an end table is such a piece of furniture that we all have in our homes! Most importantly, the processes are neither costly nor hard!

Therefore, we tried our best to help you out with how to hide the lamp cord on an end table. We hope the article was useful. So, it’s time to organize the cords and make one’s space wider, open, and polished! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, ||| Copyright© 2022 • All Right Reserved.