How to make quilt stand for baby

A quilt stand is the handiest piece of furniture to organize your baby’s quilt and blanket. It also makes the baby nursing task easier. For your concern, the baby quilt stand is a little bit different in design and build. So, do you know how to make a quilt stand for a baby?

In this guide, I will share a step-by-step method for making a baby quilt stand as well as you will know about the necessary tools and material for a stand. Moreover, I am sharing the benefits of a baby quilt stand. So, read on the next.

Quilt stands making process

You have to go after the below-mentioned steps to make a quilt stand. I have enlisted the whole task within a short note. So, first, look at the below steps. Then I will discuss the next.

• Making design
• Measured the quit size
• Arrange the essential tools
• Buy necessary material
• Prepare yourself to make your baby quilt stand
• Making a baby quilt stand

Making design:

It is best to create a design before doing anything. Then you will need less time, and the work will be easier. So, take a notebook to draw a figure for the quilt stand. Then draw a basic structure of what exactly you want. Also, figure there the shelf number you want to include in the stand.

Measured the quit size:

Taking a pre-measurement is mandatory for making any wooden furniture. Otherwise, the target may be ruined. So, take the right measurement. The baby quilt is generally not so much taller because medium height is easy to access anytime.

The standard height is 36 inches, the width is 12 inches, and the length is 36 inches. And you can include three shelves on the top portion of the stand. So, let’s go the next step.

Bring the essential tools:

You won’t need a lot of tools, but some basic tool is mandatory. You will get these tools from a woodworking shop and several online shops.

. A pencil for a necessary draw
• A power saw machine
• Measurement scale
• Adhesive glue
• A soft brush to apply the glue
• Drill machine
• Hand saws
• Wood filler
• Thick and sharp screw
• Wood bolts like the cover

Buy the necessary material:

Good quality wood is the only material to make this baby quilt stand. You can use pine or cedarwood for making this because pine and cedar are more convenient to cut and make the right shape. Besides, redwood would be best to prevent moisture. However, try to avoid cherry wood because it is hard to work.

Prepare yourself to make your baby quilt stand:

Your all pre-task has done. Now prepare yourself for the final task. Believe in yourself to do it successfully. Are you ready? So, let’s go to the final step.

Making a baby quilt stand:

First of all, take some larger sizes of wood. Then, make them into two pieces with 36 inches in height and 12-inch thickness. Cut the larger piece with a power saw machine.

Also, you can make a luxurious design on the top edges of these wood pieces. As a result, your quilt stand will look beautiful and unique. For this task, you will need a hand saw.

After completing the wood cutting, use some wood filler to make the edge smoother. After then making three holes into each wood in each 6-inch gap.

Secondly, take three pieces of horizontal and slightly thin wood with 36 inches. And sharpen the wooden edge with wood filler. Then entire the one side of each piece into the holes of the previous cutting piece. Do the same for another edge of the horizontal wood into other holes of the previous piece.

Thirdly, use some thicker and longer screws to connect the horizontal wooden pieces with both sidewalls of the stand. There have some ready-built wood bolts to cover the screw holes. You can use those to increase the quilt stand. Now you are ready to put your baby quilt into it.

The benefits of using a baby quilt stand

You will be amazed to use a baby quilt stand. Here are some common benefits.

• It is easy to organize the baby quilt nicely
• Very access able to frequent use
• Comfortable to put and take the quilt without damage
• It can decorate the baby’s room wall
• Sometimes it is helpful to dry the small blanket


1) How do you hang a quilt on a quilt stand?

Good to know, a quilt stand is only for displaying the baby quilt so that it doesn’t lose its quality. Here are three simple steps to hang a quilt. But keep in mind that a baby quilt stand is not suitable for country quilts that are heavier and larger.
• Spread the full quilt correctly on any clean and flat surface
• Now find both two sides of the quilt and fold these together
• Lastly, fold the half part again to hold both long corners.

Final Words:

Hopefully, you have cleared now how to make a baby quilt stand. I have tried to discuss the easiest process with easy equipment. Yet if you feel any problem to make the stand, then you can comment you’re your problem. I must update this guide with a solution. If this guide is helpful to make your woodworking task, then you can share this with others. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, ||| Copyright© 2022 • All Right Reserved.