What are the end tables used for

Who doesn’t want to decor his home or office interior with furniture? If you think about furniture, you need to keep in mind that the tables where end tables are common. You may ask that what are the end tables used for?

Nowadays, people love to use an end table in their drawing room to beautify their drawing-room. Again, it has other special uses, making you tempted to buy an end table for your home or office waiting room.

In this context, you will get a complete idea of end tables and why you should use them. Moreover, some differences between side tables and end tables, nightstand vs. end table will help you understand the end table more. So, let’s dig into the content to explore more.

What Are the End Tables Used For?

Haven’t you bought the end table for using it at your home yet? Well, you may have some questions about the uses of end tables. Is that so? Here you will get your answers and realize that you can use your end table in some amazing way. So, let’s see what you will get from an end table placed in your drawing-room. Before that, you should know- what is an end table?

Why You Need The Best End Table?

When you are living with your family, you will feel the necessity to have some furniture in your home. The end table is one of them, and you should pick the end table by doing good research. If you fail to choose the best end table then you won’t get the amazing durability from the table. For decorating your drawing room or waiting room at the office, you will need to go for an end table.

Before buying an end table, you should see the build quality and the weight of the table. Again, you should also choose the perfect design for your end table as there are so many different designed tables available in the market. The best end table will satisfy you with its features, and you can use it for various purposes. So, it’s very important to choose the best end table for your home or office waiting room.

What Is an End Table?

According to Wiktionary- “A small table placed beside a chair or at each end of a sofa” Which means the size of the table is very short, and you can put it beside other furniture. This table is not for sitting or taking a rest. The end table height is not adjustable and fits for placing it beside the sofa.

End Tables: Uses

Here you will find the uses of an end table from the bullet points.

• You can use this table to put tea cattle and cups
• In an office, it can be used to put a diary or notebooks.
• The glass and jug will easily fit on the surface of the table.
• Beside the bed, you can put your lamp.
• You can also keep your alarm watch or cell phone over the end table
• Picture frame can also be placed on the top of the table
• You can also put an air purifier or humidifier
• In the kitchen, you can put the juicer or blender on the table

As you have seen that the uses of the end table depend on you. All you keep in mind is that you can’t put heavily weighted stuff over the table.

Difference Between End Table And Nightstand

Though the nightstand and the end table look the same, there are some differences between them. Let’s explore the differences from the table to know more about them-

End Table Nightstand
End tables are placed next to the sofa. Nightstands are placed next to the bed.
You will see this type of table in the drawing-room This type of table is only used in the bedroom
You can use this table at the office and restaurant Can’t use this table at an office or restaurant

Difference between End Table And Side Table

You have already known about the differences between the end table and nightstand, and you may want a comparison table between the side and end tables. Here is a comparison table among them.

End Table Side Table
End tables are placed next to the sofa You can place your side table anywhere you want.
Comes with a drawer to keep things like a watch, dairy, etc. Comes with self where you can put extra pieces of stuff like books, newspapers, etc.

What Is Accent Table Used For?

An accent table is used for decorating your home more beautifully. If you want an accent side table, then it will be different from the ordinary side table. Again, if you want to have an accent end table, then the design and color along with texture will be changed. The main reason behind using an accent table is that you will beautify your home with a gorgeously designed table.


Can you use a nightstand as an end table?
As the tables’ design is similar, you can use your nightstand as an end table by placing it next to your sofa.

Where should end tables be placed?
-You should place your end table right next to the sofa in your drawing-room. Again, in the office waiting room, you can also place it beside the sitting place.

Do living rooms need coffee tables?
If you have an end table, you can use it for a coffee table to serve coffee to the guests.

How wide are end tables?
The end table’s width is 18-20 inches, and the end table depth is about 22-24 inches.

Final Note
Hopefully, you have known about the uses of an end table and feeling the necessity of having an end table beside your sofa.
Before buying an end table, you should check the table’s design, height, and weight. Again, you need to make sure that you choose the best and perfect one for your home or office.

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