The most efficient ideas about what to do with old end tables

Does your end table in the home get old? Thinking of changing the end table? Wait! Before changing it, there are lots of options that one can do with the end table. If one has any old end table at home, can surely check this article!

An end table is a necessary part of furniture to any home interior. It enhances the beauty of the interior while provides a lot of storage space. But when it gets old, some cannot understand whether to sell it and buy a new one or go for a renovation process. Even some cannot understand what to do with an old end table when it comes to renovation.

Therefore, in this article, I am going to give you some incredible ideas about what to do with old end tables! Along with it, one will have some common questions regarding this topic. So why be late? Let’s get started!

What is an end table?

An end table is wide, fairly narrow, and usually, is placed beside any large piece of furniture or against a wall. The end tables are perfect for narrow spaces like entryways and hallways. They provide a wholesome space for lighting, resting beverages, and storing books. Some end tables are firm enough to hold a TV as well onto it. The ideal height of an end table is typically 30 to 36 inches. However, the end tables are generally square or rectangular, but demi-lunes are also available.

Types of End Tables: There are mainly three types of end tables. You will get to know about them in the below:

Storage End Tables: These end tables offer drawers, baskets, cubbies, or racks for Storing different items. They are great options for keeping the room tidier if he has less storage space while having so much stuff! Storage space is the main feature of these end tables.

Nesting End Tables: They are suitable for small living rooms. Nesting end table usually come in groups of at least two to provide a storage surface. Nesting End Tables can be used as a TV table or even a serving table in the dining room!

Chairside End Tables: Chairside end tables aim to make your sitting space more relaxing. They offer racks, drawers, or open shelves to store newspapers or magazines. So that, one can easily take a newspaper after sitting in the chair.

What to do with an old end table?

Though an end table enhances the beauty of one’s home décor, it reduces the beauty of the décor when it gets old. Therefore, it is beneficial to use the end table for another purpose.

  • One can reuse the old end tabletop surface to make a round-shaped tool with long legs to offer a seating facility.
  • You can create a two-seat bench from the end tabletop wood to use in the outdoor space. It will give one a seating facility and will add a modern look to the outdoor interior.
  • One can use the long end tabletop as a small bedroom storage table as well! Just shape the tabletop according to the place in the bedroom and shorten the legs.
  • It would be intellectual to reuse the top surface of the end table to create more shelves. One can attach those shelves to another console table to offer one more storage space.
  • It is another great option to give a new functioning to an old end table by turning it from an end table to a dog bed!
  • One can utilize the end tabletop as a wall art decoration surface! Just give it a round or square shape and put some design on the wooden surface! Hang it on the wall, and you are ready to go!
  • An old table can also be transformed into an open shelves bookcase to decorate one’s most favorite books!

How to turn an end table into a make-over table?

A make-over table is useful because it makes the make-over items handy and organized, which eventually helps keep the room tidier. But one doesn’t have to waste lots of money to buy a make-over side table if one has an old end table at home! Here I’ll give an idea about how to turn an old end table into a make-over side table.


  • Cut the tabletop based on the place where the make-over table will be set up.
  • Shorten the leg. Try to give the leg a straight design. It will help you to clean the make-over table easily.
  • Attach the legs with the shaped tabletop
  • Spray a suitable paint on the top that compliments the pieces of furniture in the room
  • It would be beneficial to add some shelves or drawers to the make-over table for greater storage space.
  • Place the make-up items on the top, and you’re done!

How to restore one’s old end table?

We all have some pieces of furniture that we can’t change due to some sentimental reasons. If one has any sentimental issue with an old end table, in that case, one has to be very careful about the restoration of the old end table. Therefore, one should take some steps to restore the old end table.

  • Avoid putting scratches on top of the old end table. If the table has already some scratches, sand out the scratches with a sander. In some parts of the end table, one can’t sand. In those parts, one has to use gel wood strippers.
  • Apply a pre-stain wood conditioner to prevent streaking and blotching by the stain.
  • The later stage is choosing a suitable color and applies it to the old end table.
  • Always try to put on a protective finish to protect the color and material of the old end table
  • Enjoy the new outlook in the old end table!

What to do with an extra coffee table?

A coffee table is a useful piece of furniture to serve coffee, snacks, or even decorate small pieces of showpieces. But if one has an extra coffee table, there are multiple ways to reuse them.

  • One can divide the large coffee table at home and use them as a side table where he has less storage capacity
  • You can transform an extra coffee table into a side serving table in the dining room
  • With some shelves, an extra coffee table can be used as a book-case table
  • One can utilize a coffee table as a small tray table


1. How does one can paint an old end table?

It is very easy to re-paint the old end table with some ingredients! The process includes:
• Cover the imperfections with wood filler
• Create a smooth finishing by sanding
• Thoroughly clean the surface of the table
• Put on the first coat of chalk paint
• Polish on a protective wax finish

2. What kind of paint do you use on an old end table?

Generally, it is convenient to put chalk paint on the old end table. Because Chalk paint can be used on many surfaces like metal, stone, concrete, and wood. The best thing about chalk paint is that it hides all imperfections very well and usually needs little preparation to paint. On the other hand, if one loves a rustic outlook on the old table, he may go for a minimax wood finish. It will give you a rustic outlook on the old end table!

3. Can One Use an old End Table as a Nightstand?

Sure, why not! A nightstand and an end table are both smaller pieces of furniture and offer minimum storage space to display some pieces on it. Therefore, you could easily use your end table as a nightstand. It is also an advantage to shift the old end table to a nightstand. Because one can reuse the old table in a new place that will ultimately create a new enthusiasm!

4. What is the best way of stripping an old wax finish from an old end tabletop?

The most facile way to remove old wax finishes is to use a wax and polish remover on an abrasive finishing pad. One will need clean rags to wipe off the dissolved wax. After that, it can then be re-waxed.

Final verdict:

There is no doubt; an end table is a nice piece of furniture and an inevitable part for any room. They deliver a modern outlook and a spacious storage capacity to make the room well-kept. But when it gets old, some people think to banish them even there are several ways to reuse them.

The processes are neither costly nor difficult. If one can transform an old table to a side sofa table or a serving table, it will give a new functioning to one’s room, even as a bookcase. Moreover, the new painted color will add a glamorous look to the interior. This article tried to explain some of those creative ideas about what one can do with an old end table. We hope you find the article useful and effective! is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon properties including, but not limited to, ||| Copyright© 2022 • All Right Reserved.