Where to Put Chest of Drawers in Bedroom

In a home, the bedroom is the most neglected place to furnish with the furniture as people don’t visit your bedroom. This should not have happened anyway rather, you can put some furniture to decor the living place where you start your day. If you have a chest of drawers and don’t know where to put a chest of drawers in the bedroom, you are in the perfect place to know it.

A chest of drawers is furniture for decorating your bedroom and necessary furniture to have in your bedroom. You can style your chest of drawers according to your choice to put your necessary pieces of stuff and others.

In this content, you will know about the chest of drawers, why you need to have one, and where to put the chest of drawers in the living room. Some FAQs and additional tips will also be provided for you here. If you don’t want to miss them, start going through the content to the end. 

Where to Put Chest of Drawers in Bedroom

Why do you need to Use a Chest of Drawers?

As you have known earlier that, a chest of drawers is not a piece of decoration only. So, what other purposes can you use it? Well, you can put your personal books on the top of the table. Some of your important things like ID can be stored in drawers.

Again, you can store your clothes in the drawers. Maximum people use a chest of the table or a storage cabinet for storing bed sheets, clothes, and other bedroom appliances.

According to Wikipedia “Chests of drawers have traditionally been made and used for storing clothing, especially underwear, socks, and other items not normally hung in or otherwise stored in a closet.”

Generally, a chest of drawers is placed in a bedroom, and it’s an important part of a bedroom. Hopefully, you have understood why you need to use it in your bedroom. The easy answer is – easy to access your important daily uses thing.

Where to Put Chest of Drawers in Bedroom

How to Style a Chest of Drawers?

After buying a chest of drawers, it is time to style it, and the process of decorating depends on you. You will get here some ideas that you can follow to style your chosen chest of drawers.
First of all, you need to fill up the surface portion. Here, some of the chests of drawers come with a semi-surface top with a divide. The divided surface top should not be styled by putting pieces, whereas you need to put the things on the top surface. For example, you can put a flower tub, aquarium, picture frame, glass and water jug, etc.
Forgiving your chest of drawers some height, you can use some showpieces or monuments with height. They will increase the beauty and height of your chest of drawers. So, you need to take one for your living room to lead an organized lifestyle.

Where to Put Chest of Drawers in Bedroom

Where to Put Chest of Drawers in Bedroom?

This is the most commonly asked question where people want to know a perfect place in the bedroom to y place the chest of drawers. As you know chest of drawers in the dining room will not be the best idea to implement, you should put it in your bedroom.

So there are several places where you can put the storage chests of drawers, and now you will know about them.

  • Near the Bed Head
  • Bottom Side of The bed
  • Close to the Door
  • Close to the Window

Before starting, you should know that the back part of the drawers’ chest will remain attached to the wall to look weird.

Where to Put Chest of Drawers in Bedroom

Near the Bed Head

In this placement position, you need to put your drawers near your bedhead, and it will help you have easy access to it from your bed. In the morning you will get your glasses or other necessary stuff easily from your bed.

Bottom Side of The Bed

Here, the drawers will make a little bit far from your bed, but it will increase the interior beauty. It would help if you fixed the drawers to the wall bottom side of your bed.

Close to the Door

In this position step, you can pug the chest of drawers either on the right side of the door or the left side. When you come back from work, you can easily put your used pieces of stuff before entering your room. It’s a commonly used placement position by lots of office workers.

Close to the Window

Here, it would help if you chose a chest of drawers according to your window’s height. If you want to place your drawers close to the window, you need to select them by the window’s height. So, if you tried to pick the drawers which don’t block the light and air.

Also where a chest of drawers can be put.

  1. Use a chest of drawers in the bedroom to store your clothes
  2. Place it close to your bed for easy access when you get out of bed
  3. Avoid placing it near the door because it will be inconvenient if someone needs to use the bathroom and can’t get past all your clothes
  4. If you have an extra room, consider using that as a walk-in closet instead
  5. Drawers are typically placed at the foot of the bed, but some people prefer to have them in a corner
  6. Make sure there’s enough space on either side so that people won’t bump into it while walking by
  7. Don’t forget about drawer placement when buying new furniture – this is an important factor that should not be overlooked


What to put on top of the chest of drawers?

you can put flower tubs, monuments, telephones, and many other easy-to-access pieces of stuff for decorating the top of the chest of drawers.

What to store in the chest of drawers?

You can store your cloth, shocks, bed sheet, covers, etc in the chest of drawers, and it will help you manage the bedroom space.

Can you put a chest of drawers next to the bed?

Yes, you can put a chest of drawers next to the bed. When you put a chest of drawers next to a larger bed, it gives the room’s proportions more balance. The chests are wide enough and tall enough that everything seems proportional in size when they’re placed near one another.

Can you put a chest of drawers in the living room?

A chest of drawers is a lesser-known living room furniture choice, but it should be in every modern home. They are great for holding your TV remotes and coasters on the top drawer; you can even use them to store clothes!

Can I put a TV on the chest of drawers?

Yes, you can put a TV on the chest of drawers. It’s important to take safety precautions when placing a TV on a dresser. The device may be too heavy and tip over, especially if there are children in the home.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips on Chest of drawers for the bedroom which will help you. 

  • If you did not use the chest of drawers in wet hands
  • The chest of drawers should keep clean, and that’s why you need to put effort into cleaning it.
  • Please don’t put a glass monument on the top as they might get down accidentally and get a break.
Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood that where to put the chest of drawers in the bedroom, and you will work on it. If you made sure that the chest of drawers’ size and design match your other furniture in the room.

For the tall chest of drawers in the living room, you need to know that it is tough to clean the upper surface, and you also can’t put anything on the top as it’s not easy to access. 

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